Student fundraisers do a monumental amount of good in the world. We’ve picked out 10 inspirational stories to remind you of all the ways that students make a positive impact on other people’s lives.

1. Ruth Roberts

When Ruth Roberts was only 17 years old, she organised for her and 13 friends to go 36 hours without eating, in order to raise awareness of famine in Africa. The group raised $600 that day and the idea grew to an annual event. 30 years on, there are now 20 countries and 400,000 young people who take part. As a result, more than a billion dollars has been raised – all because of Ruth’s idea.

2. Loughborough Students’ RAG

In early 2016, Loughborough Students’ RAG reached the milestone of raising £524,635.20 for Breast Cancer Now. The student team have worked in partnership with the charity for over 10 years and were invited to a special thank you ceremony at the House of Lords to celebrate.

3. Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai is famed for championing education at a time when the Taliban had banned girls in northwest Pakistan from attending school. Her organisation, the Malala Fund, has raised millions of pounds to enable girls worldwide to have 12 years of safe, quality education. Malala is also the youngest ever recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Student Fundraisers Changed The World

4. Zein Ahmed

Zein Ahmed, a fourth year Biomedical Science student, fundraised $1,665 to change the lives of Yemeni refugees who are fleeing civil war. After reaching out to the United Nations Refugee Agency, Zein arranged to visit a refugee camp in the affected area and bring medication, food, clothes and toys.

5. Northwestern University

In 1975, Northwestern University students held a 52-hour dance marathon and raised $9,100 for the American Epilepsy Foundation. The event is now in its 43rd year and has raised over £18 million for 30 different charities.

6. David Shepherd and Travis Price

David Shepherd and Travis Price organised a protest at their college when they saw that a grade 9 boy was being bullied for wearing a pink t-shirt. They bought pink tank tops from a discount store and handed them out to every boy in the school. Pink Shirt Day has now raised over $1.2 million for anti-bullying initiatives.

Student Fundraisers Changed The World

7. Bhavan Panghali

During her three years at university, Microbiology student Bhavan Panghali raised over $80,000 to improve the lives of those affected by cancer. Bhavan launched a host of new initiatives as part of her fundraising efforts, such as a Cancer Fighter’s Club. Bhavan’s university were so proud that they awarded her the $10,000 Pushor Mitchell LLP Gold Medal Leadership Prize, which she said would help her to continue to give back to the community.

8. Stephen Sutton

Stephen Sutton began fundraising for Teenage Cancer Trust after being diagnosed with cancer at age 15. His goal was to raise £10,000. Stephen achieved straight A grades at college and had interviews at Cambridge University to study Medicine. However, he had to withdraw his application as his condition got worse. At that point, he made a decision to measure his life in terms of the difference he could make to others rather than the time he had left. By the time he died, Stephen had raised an incredible £3.2 million for Teenage Cancer Trust and more money continues to be raised in his legacy.

9. University of Southampton RAG

In 2013, the University of Southampton RAG launched a fundraising event called The BIG Give. This week-long initiative encouraged all student and staff members to give £1 in order to change a life. Over 5 days, the group raised £6057.69 for Anthony Nolan, Samaritans and Water Aid.

10. Lily Ryder

Lily Ryder, from Knighton House School, was shocked to hear that seven young people in the UK are diagnosed with cancer every day. She bravely decided to cut 18 inches off her hair to fundraise. Lily raised £1,633.77 for Teenage Cancer Trust. She donated the hair to The Little Princess Trust – a charity who provide wigs for children who have lost their own hair through cancer.

Now it’s your turn

What fundraising activities are you planning that will change the world? Remember that you can use GoRaise to raise money for a good cause every time you and your friends shop online.