When we say *bazillion… well we really mean, much much better.

The fundraiser is a multitalented unicorn who can do it all. Well at least that’s what everyone is looking at you thinks (no pressure). And wither that’s exactly who you are OR you’re adopting the “fake it to make it approach” we’ve got you covered. Below are some of the best FREE online platforms and resources out there to make your everyday superhero routine go a lot smoother. Everything mentioned below I use on a daily base with GoRaise content, so you know its good.

The best online platforms, don’t tell anyone…

For all your design requirements we would like to introduce,


Content creation GoRaise Online Platforms
Canva is a free online design tool that connects you to thousands of designs, free images and ideas. Yes, it is completely free to use! I spend so much of my time using Canva, because unfortunately I am not blessed with incredible design skills. Those of you who are just like me, Canva is the simple way to create designs for absolutely anything. Think of that Facebook post you have scheduled in 2 weeks, wouldn’t it look so much nicer with a well thought out design or even photograph with the correct dimensions? There are several options within Canva for you to create designs that can fit into any of your marketing or day-to-day duties. Email marketing, posters, logos, social media profiles, you name it.
For all your free and legal imagery needs, and this can be a complicated area with the copyright thing, meet,


GoRaise imagery Online Platforms

I personally use Pexels on a daily basis to source many of my photos for content, marketing or even just to make my team smile after a long and boring email. There are however, a multitude of copyright free image sites but Pexels is hands down my favourite. You simply search for the type of image you are looking for and Pexels will do the work for you.

For all your spelling, punctuation and grammar this is a must have:


Spell check GoRaise Online Platforms

Grammarly is a free plugin that you can download straight to your browser. We praise it’s capabilities in the office and continue to use it in all aspects of our work. Whether it’s simply writing an email or sending out a big email campaign, you can feel confident knowing that your grammar and spelling is constantly in check.

If mkaing more money for your cause is your bag, and let’s face it your a fundraiser so making more money is the number one goal then this is an absolute must,


GoRaise Free Donations Online Platforms

We don’t mean to blow our own horn here, but seeing as we have your attention we might as well let you in on the best way you can raise more donations to your cause. We offer a free and easy fundraising platform that will take you a maker of minutes to set up. If the money you are raising is for a good cause then we want to help you and we do it using online shopping. YES, YOU CAN SHOP AND RAISE MONEY AT THE EXACT SAME TIME! Seriously no strings attached just limitless donations. We have over 3000 big name brands ready and waiting to give back a percentage of what is spent on their site, back into a GoRaise account. We integrate with JustGiving, GoFundMe, EverydayHero, BtDonate, VirginMoneyGiving seamlessly so you can use with all those accounts also. Give us a whirl you won’t regret it.

Last but by no means least, don’t let them off the hook with those donations by always being ready to take a payment, introducing,


Online fundraising GoRaise Online Platforms
The future of fundraising is here! Contactless payments are making a huge splash in the fundraising sector with charities jumping on the new tech developments. It makes fundraising quick and secure plus it also takes away the hassle of collecting cash. The iZettle lets you take card payments wherever and whenever and it also sends out an automatic invoice to your customers. It’s completely safe and secure which means you can rest assured that payments are protected.

So there you have it, you are all clued into the best platforms to make your efforts go further. Go be awesome, GoRaise