Rugby has boomed in the UK this year. Hundreds more local clubs, juniors, schools and females have signed up to play the game. But, maintaining the pitch, the car park tarmac, the heating and hot water boiler, the kit and even the home game teas have, like most things in life, become costlier. Luckily, rugby fundraising is no longer limited to selling raffle tickets at the end of season wrap party.

rugby fundraisingGoRaise offers one of the easiest and most successful rugby fundraising ideas to excite every rugby squad team member, their families, friends and neighbours into willingly contributing to your cause. Put the fun back into rugby fundraising while asking so little of your supporters.

GoRaise is a fundraising initiative that gets hold of money you’ve already spent and puts it to any charity or cause of your choice (your rugby club, in this case) . The process costs nothing to you, the cause, or to the individual. To see how it all works you can read more here:

rugby-1054277_1280Basically, you register your cause then invite everyone you know to shop via our website (or alternatively, anyone can download our Donation Reminder). Then, every time someone makes a purchase, a percentage of the money they’ve just spent will go to the fundraising pot.

We find that fundraising is more effective if you specify something you are aiming for. That way the community will feel more involved and ready to part with their time and cash.

Here are the 8 easy steps of joining GoRaise:

  1. Set up your cause Page here.
  2. Email team members, families and friends the link to the GoRaise page you’ve just set up. And don’t forget to include a brief description of how it works. See above.
  3. Create flyers using our logo again with a description. Hand them out at any events and at matches. Ask local schools if they can help distribute any. Pin them to notice boards in shops and cafes. Send a batch to the local radio station. Ask players to take them to their workplace.
  4. Spread the word on social media. You could direct them to our Twitter account or to our Facebook page. You could also retweet any of our posts, or we can provide you with the copy of a few Tweets to drum up support to get you started.
  5. Remind your committee of the benefits at every meeting. Also, note all the different purchases that can help – groceries, Christmas presents, business/office purchases, etc. They all add up. Before you know it, you’ve hundreds in the pot.
  6. rugby fundraising Put up posters and stick them to every WC door, design them so people can tear off slips with the email link of your GoRaise page.
  7. Inspire the entire team to take part in a collective Challenge. Walk cross country at night. Climb a mountain, or just do a sponsored team hair shave, why not! Link any other fundraising page to the GoRaise cause. That way, all of the GoRaise shopping contributions will be added to overall fund. Just be sure to mention your GoRaise page in any event or Challenge paraphernalia, too. For Challenge ideas see here!
  8. Have a tannoy, then use it! At the end of the match wish all players well, congratulate/commiserate, and remind everyone that any retail therapy should be done via GoRaise. The losing team will feel better for helping any cause or charity of their choice (they don’t have to choose your rugby club, after all, we have hundreds of leading companies in our directory). And the victors may just want to share some of that winning formula with the charities who need it.

So now you see how easy it is, all you have to do is decide what you are fundraising for! Go ahead and start with step 1, setting up your cause Page.  

If you require any support or have any questions not answered in our FAQs then do just get in touch with our team.

Good luck!