September and October are the busiest months in UK maternity wards for two reasons.

Firstly, you’ve got thousands of resourceful tiger mums who time their offspring to be the oldest in the class (yes, this really happens). Secondly, and more likely, are all those festive kisses that take place under the mistletoe…

Baby shopping guideAccording to new analysis by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) the most common birthday in England and Wales in 2015 was 26 September. You can see their graphic here (compiled between 1995 and 2014).

So, to any new parent reading this, congratulations!
Isn’t it great?

So far so gratifying, we hope. Probably a lot of sleeping is going on, theirs not yours. A stream of visitors is flowing through your door, swapping hand-me-downs for a cuddle with the bairn. You’ll feel grateful for everything that comes your way. Or, let’s be honest, perhaps you’re hankering for brand new, sparkling germ-free items. Especially if it’s your first child. It’s as if you’ve suddenly come over all OCD… If it doesn’t shine, it’s not good enough for me and mine? Ring any bells?

We’ve put together a baby shopping guide to the necessary items you’ll be needing these first few months. What we’ve done, too, is tell you what each purchase would make for the cause or charity of your choice should you shop via GoRaise. You can do this by logging into our website or easier still, you could download our Donation Reminder. That way, whenever you are browsing retail shops online our pretty, pink, donation reminder will pop up to literally remind you that you can choose to donate and how much the shop is willing to donate. Simply click to send pennies to your cause with any purchase you make online.

Perhaps your in-box is drowning with pleas from friends doing a sporty Challenge? We’re definitely seeing lots more of these donation requests these days. But how to donate to everyone who’s asking, especially now that there’s so much STUFF on the baby shopping guide to buy?

Answer – by using money we’ve already spent!

All you have to do is set up a page, EG, “Joe Bloggs Marathon”, which takes seconds to do, then whenever you shop via GoRaise’s website all shopping donations will be sent there. We will pay the total amount that you and others have amassed directly to the fundraiser or add it to their JustGiving page.

Your social responsibility footprint increases with each donation triggered by this baby shopping guide; in this overpopulated, troubled world, this really is feel-good shopping at its best. You’re providing for your innocent bundle of beauty while donating for free (we do like to keep reiterating this) to a cause dear to your heart, be that a crisis or illness. 

During these times of economic uncertainty, individually we can make a huge difference. This baby shopping guide, for example, would create £105.50 in donations per person. Just imagine if every new parent jumped on the GoRaise train… it would equate to hundreds of thousands funding change. 

What a difference your baby would make so early in his or her life.

Baby shopping guide Littlewoods – Baby Bather £29.99 (up to 4.5% = 13p)

Littlewoods – Yummy Mummy Grey Wise Owl Changing Bag £99.99 (up to 4.5% = £4.45)

Boots – Ladybird Baby Changing and Station £114 (up to 4% =£4.56)

Direct2Mum – Lapsi Micuna Butaca Nursing Chair £346.87 (up to 5% = £17.34)

John Lewis – City Mini 3 Wheel Baby Jogger red £249.00 (1% = 25p)

Boots – Graco Contour Electra Baby Travel Cot £119.99 (up to 4% = £4.80)

Boots – Cosatto 3SIXTI High Chair £209.99 (up to 4% =£8.34)

Baby Mori – Gift set organic cotton and bamboo £70 (0-8 months) (up to 4% = £2.80)

House of Fraser – Ride-On Suitcase Bluebell £39.99 (up to 2% = 80p)

Baby shopping guide Argos – Mama & Papas Morph Baby Carrier Blackjack £74.99 (up to 1% = 75p)

Boots – East Coast Devon 3-piece Nursery Furniture £999.99 (up to 4% = £40)

Boots – Hauck Travel cot £39.99 (up to 4% = £1.60)

Mothercare – V-Tech Walker £24.98 (up to 2% = 50p)

Mothercare – Purple Car Seat £300 (up to 2% = £6)

Debenhams – Nutribullet Baby Food Processor £60 (up to 1.5% = 90p) – Spa Days up to and from £100 (up to 6.5% = £6.50)

Argos – Mamas and Papas Ochre Buggy £129.99 (up to 1% = £1.30)

Direct2Mum – Cosatto Zoomi Car Seat Multi colour Car Seat £116.99 (up to 5% = £5.84)