Blue Monday is a day in January that is said to be the most depressing day of the year. It’s the post-Christmas slump, New Year’s resolutions have started to waver and everyone is back at work and school. This year, it’s been calculated that the bluest day of 2017 will be Monday 16 January.

Naturally, here at GoRaise we want to spread a little kindness and help make Blue Monday less blue! We’ve listed 7 activities you could organise to spread cheer on campus this January.

1. Tea and cake

Who isn’t cheered up by a slice of cake and a cup of tea? Set up a stall in your Students’ Union for the day and offer some sweet treats to everyone that passes by.

how to spread cheer on campus

2. Treasure hunt

Hide some prizes across campus and post photos on social media with clues about where you’ve hidden the goodies. Students can get out and about on campus to track them down. Fresh air and treats are guaranteed to make people feel cheery!

3. Petting zoo

Studies show that interacting with animals can decrease stress and boost happiness. Ask your Students’ Union if you can hold a petting zoo on campus and get in touch with a certified mobile zoo provider.

how to spread cheer on campus

4. Comedy night

They say that laughter is the best medicine, so why not put that to the test? Collaborate with your university Comedy Society to put on a night of hilarious jokes and comedy sketches.

5. Go shopping on GoRaise

Indulge in some retail therapy while raising money for your favourite causes. Spread the cheer by telling your housemates and friends about GoRaise so that they can shop too.  

how to spread cheer on campus

6. Mystery box

Decorate a big cardboard box with bright colours and fill it up with lots of packaged treats. Leave the box in the middle of campus then sit back and let people enjoy taking freebies from the mystery box all day.

7. Little notes of kindness

Get a bunch of post-its and write some inspirational quotes, compliments and cheerful messages on them. Stick them up across campus, especially in the library and lecture theatres to start someone’s study time on a positive note!

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