GoRaise allows you to fundraise for your chosen cause every time you shop online. Just click through from GoRaise to the retailer you’re shopping with and GoRaise will do the rest. It’s a nimble little way to boost your student fundraising for free.

Getting started

We know how hard students work to fundraise for charity and we want to make it a little easier. Set up a cause or challenge page with GoRaise at the start of your academic year. This is where you decide what you’re fundraising for – whether it’s one of your RAG charities or a personal fundraising challenge to Machu Picchu.

How To Boost Your Student Fundraising Total with GoRaise

Boosting your fundraising total

Start with GoRaise every time you, your friends or family shop online throughout the year and watch your fundraising total rise with each purchase. We have over 2,500 retail partners on our website that you can choose to shop from and you won’t pay any more than you usually would – the only cost is to the retailer.

Make sure that you let all of your family and friends know that you’re fundraising though GoRaise. You could do this by emailing them a link to your cause or challenge page, or by spreading the word on social media. The more people you tell, you more money you’ll fundraise throughout the year. You can even download our GoRaise plugin, which will remind you whenever you’re buying from a website where you could be fundraising too. You can use GoRaise in addition to all of your existing fundraising plans, it’s just an added bonus!

How To Boost Your Student Fundraising Total with GoRaise

Monitoring your progress

Last but not least, you can share how well you’re doing with your GoRaise fundraising through your own microsite. There’s nothing more rewarding than watching your fundraising total rise – especially when it’s costing you no extra money or time!

Start boosting your student fundraising total quickly and easily. Create your account with GoRaise and get started.