If you’re reading this, you’re probably a keen rugby player, or your child is, or you look after a team.

You love your local, grassroots club, but the changing rooms are looking a bit shabby and the bar could do with a refit. Trouble is, rugby fundraising has become a bit of a hard slog. With countless organisations and individuals all around the world vying for your cash, just how can you enlist support from players and their families within the community, without drawing blanks? We’ll tell you how!

Shopping for food, clothes, furniture, holidays usually starts – and often ends – by browsing the internet. We can compare prices, find colour matches, order home delivery without having to get in a car and sit in traffic… It’s no wonder that the online retail market is a booming, multi-million industry. Every purchase you make could be inviting donations from retailers to any cause of your choice.

That may sound like an unbelievable sales pitch, but it’s true. Countless causes and charities have already benefitted from GoRaise. And here’s how they did it:

1) You log onto our website and register your club.

2) Once completed, we will give you a call and get everything set up for you!

It takes minutes for pennies to start adding up. Anyone suffering from donor fatigue will be delighted to learn that all they’re doing is redirecting money they’ve already spent, to the rugby club fundraising account.

Alternatively, GoRaise also offers handy tools, such as our Donation Reminder. Easy to download, it pops up at the top of your browser whenever you visit any of our 2,500 retailers’ websites. It’s quick, easy, painless, and doesn’t commit you (or your computer) to anything… As its name suggests, it literally reminds people whenever they land on a retailer’s website that they may authorise a percentage of a purchase to be donated to your club. You’ll never forget about making donations again with this reminder.

GoRaise means that for every rugby match tea bought via GoRaise, pounds trickle in. Book car or van insurance to travel to away games via GoRaise and you’re a step closer to that brand new, hot shower. Want to upgrade your club’s lawnmower to keep the grounds looking pristine? Well, that latest purchase via GoRaise has just earned you around £45.


Buy your rugby boots, washing detergent, kids’ snacks (and treats for the winners!) and earn as you buy. Why not give it a go? To start with, you could focus your sights on funding the club’s Christmas party this year. Your players would literally be buying rounds without spending a penny.