GoRaise Buying GuideGoing through your club’s bank statement after you’ve had to shell out for new sports equipment is never a fun task. But, imagine if your club could earn money with every purchase you make. That’s exactly what you can do with GoRaise! Read on to find out what sports kit you can buy through GoRaise to make some extra money for your club.

From rowing to rugby, every sport requires specialist kit and equipment. Our listed retailers include NIKE and Millet Sports (to name a few), so whatever kit your players need to buy – we’ll have you covered.

Basketball Sports Kit

Cricket Sports Kit

  • Sports Direct are offering up to 50% off cricket bats at the moment in their big brand sale. Grab yourself a bargain and raise 2.5% for your club when you buy!
  • Fancy training in an England cricket top? Feel like a pro and buy yours at Sports Direct for 2.5% on every purchase.
  • Millet Sports stock this amazing chest protector for batsmen. It’s only £17 and you could raise 60p for your club when you buy through GoRaise.

Cycling Sports Kit

  • Whether you’ll be cycling on roads or up mountains, Hargroves Cycles stocks the UK’s best bike brands. A high-quality bike can be a big investment and Hargroves offer 1% back on your purchase, meaning you could earn your club up to one hundred pounds!
  • Wiggle has a massive range of bike helmets, for both leisure or road cycling. You can also raise up to 2% with every purchase.
  • Get all of the clothing you need, including jerseys, jackets and base layers, from Chain Reaction and raise up to 0.5% for your club.  
  • If you’re cycling at night, hi-vis clothing is essential for safety. With Proviz, you can raise up to 2% for your club when you buy any of their reflective gear. They’re also currently offering 10% off to all new customers!
  • Make cycling in the rain a little more bearable with waterproof bags and seat covers, also from Proviz.
GoRaise Buying Guide

Football Sports Kit

  • NIKE is a popular choice for high-quality football boots and as they offer 2.5% back on your purchase, you’ve got an excuse to splash out.
  • Every football shirt for popular UK and European clubs is available at Sports Direct. Why not give yourself something to aspire to during club training?
  • Shop for footballs on Sports Direct and raise 2.5% for your football club with each ball you buy.
  • Get your hands on some goalkeeper gloves for as little as £2.75, also available from Sports Direct.

Hockey Sports Kit

Karate Sports Kit

Get up to 50% off your karate suit with Sports Direct – only £16.99 and 100% cotton! You’ll raise 42p for every suit your club purchases.

Got an away game or team trip coming up? Don’t forget that you can use GoRaise to make money back on all of your club’s travel and accommodation purchases too.

Netball Sports Kit


Rowing Sports Kit

  • Did you know that you can buy a rowing machine from Argos for as little as £200? You can also raise up to 1.5% of your purchase. That’s £3 per machine you buy.
  • A lightweight, waterproof jacket is worth it’s weight in gold for those early mornings out training in the cold. Grab yourself a waterproof jacket from Craghoppers and earn 1.5% for your club.
  • Build your arm strength with some weighted bars from Sweatband and raise up to 1.25%.

Rugby scrum

Rugby Sports Kit


Running Sports Kit

  • Add to your running kit with a new jacket, vest, sports bra, socks and base layers – all available from Sports Direct.
  • Runners Need has, as the name suggests, everything that a runner might need. Get yourself kitted out for marathon season with everything from energy balls to ice bags. They offer up to 2.5% back with every purchase made.  
  • Track your run using GPS and get stats on every workout with a Fitbit Blaze. Available in Boots from £140, where you can raise up to a massive 4% for your cause (that’s £5.60 straight in your club’s pocket!).  
  • Finally, a water bottle you can run with! Grab one of these handy Karrimor bottles from Sports Direct and earn 2.5% for your club.

Swimming pool

Swimming Sports Kit

  • Take your pick of top swimming costumes on Sports Direct, including Slazenger, adidas and Speedo. Raise up to 2.5% for your swimming club too.
  • Aquatic earplugs are an underrated piece of equipment, but once you’ve tried them you won’t be able to go back. Pick up a pair from Sweatband and earn 1.25% back as a donation.
  • Feel prepared for all of your club’s swim races with competition swimwear from simplyswim. Plus everyone’s a winner when your club can raise up to 1.25% with each purchase.


Tennis Sports Kit

  • From beginner to advanced, Sports Direct have a fantastic range of tennis rackets. Raise up to 2.5% for your club with every purchase!
  • With up to 70% off, Sports Direct has some amazing bulk deals on tennis balls.
  • Whatever dress code your tennis club has, you’ll find an outfit to suit it on Sports Direct. Dunlop, NIKE and adidas outfits are all available with up to 2.5% coming back to your club.


Raise money for your sports club every time you shop online – sign up to GoRaise today to get started. Happy shopping!

Remember that you can get a reminder every time you’re shopping on a website that’s one of our listed retailers. Once you’ve signed up to GoRaise, just download our Chrome Extension Bar to make sure you don’t miss any potential funds!