Why GoRaise Is Good For Business Fundraising

Not only is GoRaise a great way for individuals to donate money to good causes whenever they shop online at no extra cost to them, businesses can too!

Whenever you buy business cards, office stationary, train tickets, IT equipment or book hotels through GoRaise you can do business fundraising for a good cause that’s important to your company and encourage all your staff to do the same.

The quickest way for your company to start raising money for good causes is to ask all your staff to order office stationary, book their hotels and trains.

However, if you’d like to keep track of how much money everyone in your company is collectively raising via our handy dashboard, register your details for free and we’ll set everything up for you in minutes.

(As an example of how much money you can raise, a single employee’s weekly return train ticket from Newcastle to Manchester would raise just under £1 per journey and just under £50 in one year. Multiply that by how many employees you have and you can raise significant amounts of money for good causes at no extra cost to you or your business).

GoRaise is good for business and a great way to build charitable giving into your everyday processes!