When we tell people how easy it is to donate money to good causes whenever they shop online with GoRaise, at no extra cost to them, they get excited.

Few people enjoy being stopped in the street or having someone come to their door at inconvenient times asking for charitable donations. We believe people should feel good about the act of donating and not be pressured into giving to a cause that they might not normally choose to support.

We also want to remove the barriers to making donations and make it a normal part of their every day lives so that the good causes receive more money without costing the ‘giver’ any more.

This is why we created GoRaise. People can now donate small amounts of money to a good cause of their choice, every time they shop online through a wide range of retailers.

And to make sure this happens automatically, we created a handy free Browser Extension’ for Google Chrome which asks if you’d like the retailer to make a donation to your chosen good cause.

GoRaise today

Once installed you can:

  • Simply visit your favourite retailers as you normally would
  • Click activate donation when the browser app prompts you’re on a partnered retailers website
  • Shop away and smile as you raise money for your chosen cause

You can also:

  • Click the GoRaise icon located in the top right of your Google Chrome browser
  • Get taken straight to your GoRaise account for full access to your recent activity

With hundreds of retailers in categories like Cars, Electricals, Entertainment, Fashion, Food & Drink, High Street, Insurance & Finance, Mobiles, Office & Business, Travel and Utilities, why don’t you GoRaise today!