I am happy to introduce one of our newest featured causes. Ecosol Foundation are an incredible family led initiative helping those affected by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Ecuador on 16th April 2016.

Over 30,000 people have been left homeless and with this, have lost their livelihoods. You can see the devastation for yourself in the attached video below.

Ecosol is a non-profit organisation promoting sustainable social, ecological and economic growth.

It is based on the principles of food and economic sustainability, co-operation, community life, personal growth, respect for nature, use of renewable energy, recycling and the use of eco-friendly construction materials.

As such, the donations raised will help build a self sustaining eco village for low income homeless families, from the Province of Manabi (one of the worst affected areas).

You can support Ecosol, without giving away any of your own money. Simply shop online via GoRaise and when you do, the retailer donates a percentage of your purchase to Ecosol. You don’t pay more. You buy the same products, from the same retailers, for the same price. The only cost is to the retailer.

To support, go to and click ‘join and support’.

Every time you shop online thereafter, click out to the retailer from GoRaise and smile as the retailer donates :)