Today’s heart-wrenching piece about refugees in The Guardian is exactly why GoRaise exists.

Of course, most people out there do want to help the refugees. Many of us will have made donations and given clothes to support the current refugee crisis. Lots of us would like to keep that support going, but daily life and living costs can get in the way of our good intentions. Then the guilt sets in and nothing gets done…

Really, it’s simply a case of finding the resources and the time.

How you can help refugees with a donation

That’s why, if you log onto GoRaise to do your online shopping, you can direct donations from 2,500 retailers to any cause with one simple click. We have set up a company page for the charity that the Guardian piece features, called Help Refugees:

help refugees

If you’re not planning on doing any shopping soon, here is a list of other, physical items that the charity is looking for. Have a rummage and search their site for drop off details.


But first, have a look at our website. Just log on, do your food shop for example and already you’ve sent pennies to families in need.

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