Meet CEO of GoRaise

Meet the guy who stands behind GoRaise! Everything you need to now about Gary Thompson.

Name: Gary Thompson

Title: CEO of GoRaise

Age: 43

Born: Staffordshire

Describe yourself in 3 words: Adventurous, entrepreneurial, loyal.

Education: BA Hons International Business and Finance.

Live: Chamonix, London and Newcastle.

What excites you: Business and mountains.

First business deal: When I was about 8, I used to go catch fish on holiday and sell them to the locals. So I guess that was my first deal!

Work experience: I had a 2 year stint in the corporate world and decided it wasn’t for me, so set up an IT services company with a friend. We grew that amongst other businesses employing over 150 people, I’ve since run a digital agency and offered startup coaching for years before getting GoRaise off the ground.

Most exciting development of GoRaise so far: Our recent investment round is probably the biggest thing. It allows us to add more features to the site and create awareness of the offering.

Why have you committed yourself to the charity sector: I love helping out, whether it be business coaching, or helping the local community with GoRaise. Also, after many years of working in IT services, it’s a really nice change :)

What do you think are essential qualities of leadership: Setting a clear vision, empowering the team to get the job done and being there for them whenever needed.

What hurdles do you envisage in the charity sector: There are going to be many hurdles the charity sector faces over the coming years, with regulations getting tougher, in particular with communication.  Fortunately GoRaise won’t be impacted by many of these regulations, and if anything we are able to offer a platform for charities to improve communication and engagement with supporters.

As a consumer what do you spend your money on: I don’t want for much (cars, clothes, fancy restaurants etc), although I do have a penchant for spending money on bikes, surf boards, and general outdoorsy gadgets. I would love to spend money one day on a nice VW California camper van!

Future ambitions: I’d want everyone to know about GoRaise. Every time people shop online, it won’t be a question of if a donation is raised, but who it goes to.

What changes would you like to see in the world in your lifetime: That we get our act together and stop polluting this planet of ours.