A RAG raid is when you get as many volunteers together as possible and take to the streets for a bucket collection. Members of the public can donate by putting money into the bucket as they pass by. They can also stop to hear more about the good cause that you’re fundraising for.

RAG raids are a brilliant way to raise money, but they can take a lot of organisation. Follow our handy guide to get the most out of all of your future RAG raids.

Start planning early

Advanced planning is crucial when you’re organising a RAG raid. The first thing you’ll need to do is apply to your local council for a permit. Without a permit, you’re not legally allowed to fundraise on the streets. Once you’ve got your permit, start promoting the date of your raid and ask volunteers to take part. Remember that the more volunteers you have, the more money you will raise!

Contact the charity you’re fundraising for

The charity you’re fundraising for will be so grateful and may want to send you some merchandise to use on the day of the raid. By having banners, stickers and t-shirts with the charity logo on, it will be immediately obvious to passers-by who you’re fundraising for and therefore they’ll be more likely to donate. Make sure to label your buckets with bucket wraparounds as well.

Stand out

You’ve probably picked your raid location as it’s the busiest spot in town, which is good as they’ll be more potential donors! However, keep in mind that people will be rushing past and will need a reason to stop and notice you. Encourage your volunteers to wear their best fancy dress to attract attention. Don’t start to panic if people are walking straight past you – smile, be patient and get ready for the good feeling when someone does donate.

Know your stuff

You’ll probably get a couple of passers-by who want to know more about the charity you’re fundraising for. Make sure that your volunteers know what the charity does and what the donated money will go towards. It’s always handy to have some facts and figures to hand – why not put together an FAQ sheet and send this round to your volunteers before the raid?

RAG Raid

Be on your best behaviour

Remember that your volunteers are representing both your RAG society and the charity you’re fundraising for. Some members of the public won’t be fans of street collectors and you don’t want to get any complaints from them. Be aware that government rules say you’re not allowed to obstruct people or shake your buckets at them. Your volunteers must also be stood 25 metres apart from each other and should be stationary. 

Keep your spirits high

RAG raids can be hard work by the end of the day, especially if the weather’s not on your side! Comfy shoes and warm clothes are a must. Make sure all of your volunteers stay happy by checking on them regularly, giving them short breaks to go and get refreshments and even sharing a running total of how much you’ve raised so far. There’s nothing more motivating than knowing that what you’re doing is making a real difference to a charity you care about!

Be safe and secure

Safety and security is crucial at a raid. Make sure that you clearly brief all of your volunteers on what to do to stay safe; nobody should end up in a situation that they’re not comfortable with. Be aware that you might be carrying a large amount of cash by the end of the day! Your buckets should have security seals on and you should have a safe way to travel home.

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