Reclaim your lost hour

Spring is here, and with it comes the clock change and the warmer weather (hopefully).

So, the clock change meant we lost an hour, but we have a few tips and tricks here to help you reclaim your lost hour.


  • The London marathon is just around the corner but Spring/Summer ’16 has plenty more challenges to get stuck in to.
  • Marathons, Half Marathons, Race for Life, Tough Mudder, the list goes on! With the warmer weather, training for these challenges seems so much more appealing. But training takes time out of your day so how can we make up the hour that we lost?
  • Depending on your challenge, abilities and shower facilities, you could run to (or home from) work OR run half way and get the bus the remainder of the way.
  • Get up a little earlier- the sun rises earlier so a 6am rise isn’t quite as grim as it was just a few weeks ago.
  • Go out a little later- Training in the evening might be easier on your schedule and with the lighter nights, you can easily get a run in, without having to get your head torch out.


Quiz nights, raffles, dress down days, tombolas and bake sales are all great methods of fundraising but now you can fundraise without any effort, time or money AND reclaim your lost hour thanks to GoRaise.

That’s right, whether you are booking your summer holiday, buying a new spring/summer wardrobe, getting your weekly shop or ordering your weekend takeaway, you could be raising money for your challenge without it costing you a penny!

If you haven’t already registered, you can do so here!

Enjoy the free time ;)