It’s mid-summer. We’re halfway through the holidays and everything is running like clockwork. But the local parks feel empty, everyone else is off having fun, so perhaps a treat or two is in order? For ideas, log onto GoRaise for inspiration. We have deals with major tourism companies that will donate a percentage of your purchase to any charity or cause of your choice.

Travel on a whim, why not? Buy a European city pass today and train tickets for both sides of the channel: Trainline and SNCF summer GoRaise are also committed to making donations to GoRaise supporters. Simply download our easy-to-download Donation Reminder and get booking! These summer city sightseeing pass cards allow holders free entry to dozens of sights and tourist attractions. Buy one through us and 2% of your purchase will be donated to your chosen cause, at no extra cost to you.

Summer GoRaise trainlineAugust is the perfect month to city break; the residents are by the sea! This makes queues for attractions more manageable.

Or head to the beach yourself! With the UK’s summer weather forecasts looking so-so, we’ll admit, the Easy Jet, and online holiday shops are luring us in. For more adventurous kicks, check out Isango, a travel company that will donate 3% of the cost of one of their destination experiences (historic tours, sightseeing trips, romantic activities, family activities, theme parks… you get the picture).

If travel isn’t on your can-do list right now, visit one of the best theme parks in Europe… Legoland which is in Windsor, Berkshire, just west of London. Everyone has a great time here and they too will donate to your cause if you buy tickets via GoRaise.

Or, simSummer goraise isangooply find the little ones a new garden toy off of Ebay to help them while away the weeks. Just shop via GoRaise, as every penny adds up.

Remember, summer holidays feel even better if you’re having fun and raising money for a good cause. Dream up a new Challenge (set up your fundraising page with us) while you enjoy some downtime. Imagine the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel helping others while getting fit. If this just sounds like too much hard work, start doing your weekly shop via GoRaise and ask your friends and family to, too. Pennies turn to pounds and before we know it, we’ve all together collectively financed good deeds.

The opportunities to better your loved ones lives are endless.