When it comes to long-term strategy, what fundraisers must realize is that there are typically several steps between acquiring social media followers and turning them into financial supporters. Below are a few tactics that will help you cross this bridge and turn social media followers into donors.

1. Post a Variety of Engaging Content

A key part of any successful social media strategy is a mix of engaging posts and conversation starters. Therefore, not a stream of donation appeals. In fact, when it comes to social media, millennials’ top pet peeves are coming across the same content constantly (69 percent) and getting hit with asks over and over again (69 percent).

While there’s a place for appeals in your strategy, foster your followers’. Connection to your organization by prioritizing storytelling and educational opportunities in your various content pieces. Focus on the following types of posts:

Supporter Recognition

Dedicate a major chunk of your social media strategy to recognizing donors, fundraisers, and volunteers. This can look like tagging them and thanking them directly for their gift, or you might retweet fundraisers’ posts that promote their personal fundraising pages.

Another good idea is to craft a post or tweet for donors to use right after they make a gift. Each tweet calls out the individual’s supporter.

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2. Hook Donors in With a Separate Compelling Story

When thinking of how to turn social media followers into donors, organizations naturally want to reach out to people who directly follow their brand on social media. But sometimes, the trick is to think beyond just reeling in those fans.

Consider, rather than seeking out and following your organization’s page on social media, prospective donors can be instantly hooked by another catalyzing story or event that they may choose to follow and support, which then introduces them to your organization.

Think about how to turn social media followers into donors, consider whether you can create (or already have) a compelling event, story, or element that would engage your audience. Also, throw promotional efforts behind it on social media. You might create its own Facebook event or page that includes links back to your website and business profile page. Followers have the opportunity to take action and connect with your broader organization.

3. Acquire Email Addresses

One of the major ways to turn social media followers into donors, hands down, is to first convert them into email subscribers. Your posts should drive people back to your website where you can collect their email addresses through an updates signup box. Thrive is a free plugin for any word press users out there.

Sprinkle posts into your social media mix that directly ask followers to sign up for your blog or newsletter.  Link these posts back to a webpage where they can enter their email address. Once you’ve recruited these new subscribers, continue to send them valuable, relevant content that solidifies their connection to your cause. Consider sending a donation appeal only after several touch points.

When it comes to turning social media followers into supporters, the goal is to effectively engage them with relevant content and drive them back to your website. Site visitors then have an opportunity to learn more about your organization, sign up for your email updates, and/or donate. With each post, determine whether you are offering a valuable piece of information that encourages a long-lasting relationship with your followers. Then you can start leveraging your social profile as a portal that leads to greater levels of support.