Is there any cost to me or the cause?

No, it’s completely free to use for you and the cause. You buy the same products at the same price. The only cost is to the retailer.

Sounds too good to be true – is there a catch?

There’s no catch, and to confirm, it won’t cost you a penny!! In fact, there’s £millions worth of retailer commission available every year to fund good causes across the UK. Amazingly, many causes are still unaware of this easy, free way to generate funds through everyday online shopping.

How it works?

GoRaise is a really easy way to fundraise for a cause you care about. Every time you shop online, retailers donate a percentage of what you spend to your chosen cause. There are over 3,000 retailers to choose from, such as Argos, John Lewis, Sainsburys and eBay.  There are thousands of amazing retailers to choose from, such as Argos, eBay, John Lewis and Booking.com. You can see a full list of retailers here. To register to GoRaise, just click on the ‘Add my challenge’ button on the GoRaise page.

How do I start raising for my challenge?

If you want to get raising each time you shop online then you can simply head here to set up a page for your challenge. Don’t forget to include your photo and a description of your challenge. That’s it!

How do I find the cause I want to raise for?

You can see all current causes on this page. If you can’t see the cause you wish to raise for in our current list then you can create it yourself. You can set up a new cause here. You can set up the new cause and fill out all the details yourself. If you work for the cause, or it is a local interest such as your child’s swimming club, then this is the best option. Nearly all of the large charities are already registered, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, simply register a few details.

How do I raise for a cause which is not yet registered?

If you can’t see the cause you wish to raise for then the solution is simple. If you want to start raising for a large charity who is not yet using GoRaise then just fill out a few details and we will contact them to finish the setup. If you want to start raising for a local interest group, like your child’s swimming club or a local brownie or scout group then you can set up the cause today and fill out all the details yourself. Whoever you want to raise for, if you can’t find them on this page here, then head over to our register a cause page and set up today, if you have any trouble then you can get in touch with a member of the GoRaise team here.

How do I set up payment?

We pay challengers monthly, as long as they have more than £2 in their account. Head to your account page to make sure you have set up all the details we will need in order to pay.

How do I register to support a friend who is doing a charity challenge?

You will simply need to sign up for a normal GoRaise account and then select your friend’s charity effort as your chosen cause when you shop online.

How do I change the cause to support?

Simply select a new cause on your account page here.

How do I share my challenge with friends?

In order to share your challenge with friends, you need to log in to your GoRaise page here. Now find the URL of your challenge page on the left hand side under “Cause Profile”. You can also invite your friends to support you – simply click on “Invite Supporters” on the left hand side of the page and fill in their details (supporter’s name and email).

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