Climbing for Chairty - fundraising ideas and tips

Reach new peaks with your charity climbing donations when you take a look at some of our fun fundraising ideas and tips.

wdt_ID Fundraising idea Fundraising type Potential Time required
1 Quiz Time Event High A bit
2 Cake Sales Event High Fair
3 Inter-Climbing Wall Competitions Event High A bit
4 Yard Sales Community Medium A bit
5 Twitter Social Media High A bit
6 125 Fundraising Ideas Variety High A bit

Organising your charity climb

Fundraising ideas and tips are one thing to consider but before you get into that check out the below sections on getting started with your charity climb.

Depending on your experience there are a few ways to approach undertaking a mountain climb for charity. If you are relatively inexperienced, it may be a good idea to undertake an event along the lines of one of the UK’s Three Peak Challenges. You can undertake these challenges as a self-organised group, or as part of a guided professionally-organised event, depending on your confidence. More confident climbers may wish to organise expeditions to more challenging peaks, and the greater challenge of these events can have a beneficial effect on your fundraising profile. There is an obvious danger associated with climbing a mountain like Kilamanjaro, for example, so make sure to organise your trip through a trusted guide like and make sure you have the correct travel insurance in place before your ascent.


Preparing for a charity climb requires a combination of physical strength and endurance. FitClimb have put together a great programme combining cardio workouts with a series of exercises to strengthen those important leg muscles. When you want to mix things up a little, Men’s Health have a great workout geared towards building functional strength for a mountain climb, but be sure to add your own cardio elements to this plan. If you are tackling a mountain with a very high summit, you will need to prepare your body for exertion at high altitude by incorporating altitude training into your regime.

Quiz Time

Hire out a room in your local hall (make sure it has a projector screen) and start thinking of quiz questions! Spice it up with a round on music, photos and even company knowledge to really test your supporters. Ask for donations from everyone who enters.


Inter-climbing wall competitions

These could take the form of a race, a guess the baby photo contest, a quiz night, a talent contest, a raffle or any of a hundred other fun ideas.

Cake sales

It may not be an original idea, but it sure is popular. Organise a cake morning and bring along delicious treats to sell to friends and family.


Yard sales

A great opportunity for the whole group to have a good clear out, a yard sale can help raise funds. If you have grounds, then why not use them to host sales for the local community, with the club keeping the stall fees.

Tea & Coffee mornings

Get everyone and their granny over for a cuppa and charge a small amount for the pleasure. Its super easy to organise and the start up costs will soon be covered by the charge on a delicious brew.



Why not use Twitter as a way to gain exposure to some of the biggest names and brands in the climbing world. It’s extremely easy and fast to tweet and with such a large audience the results could be huge.

climbing for charity ideas

Fundraising ideas for charity challenges

Let’s get specific with your challenge and the fundraising ideas and tips that could work for it. Check out the section below to see what you could be doing to increase those donations.

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