Fundraising ideas for your charity run

Interesting and fun ways to raise money for your Charity Running Challenge. GoRaise can help you find the funds to take your charity donations to the next level.

wdt_ID Fundraising idea Fundraising type Potential Time required
1 Home made bake sales Event High A bit
2 Get Competitive Event High Fair
3 Car boot sales Event High A bit
4 Guessing Games Event Medium A bit
5 Pizza Party Community High A bit
6 125 Fundraising Ideas Community High A bit

Running for Charity

Charity running is one of the most gratifying experiences, knowing that by getting off the couch you are taking your first step to make beneficial changes for those who are less fortunate. Coupling your training with your fundraising will not only make you feel much better in yourself, it will also make you feel much better about yourself. Did you also know that running promotes clarity of the mind? What are you waiting for – don those new running shoes!


How to get started

Perhaps you are looking to get your charity running careers off the ground with a 5K run for charity or a Fun Run for charity.

  • Color Vibe Charity Places
  • Electric Run Charity places
  • Zombie Evacuation Race Charity Places

Maybe its a slightly more difficult event you are after, if so try a 10K run for charity.

  • Run to the Beat charity places
  • Brighton 10K charity places
  • British 10K charity places
  • Bupa London 10,000 charity places


The big guns

If you are feeling like a real challenge its time to take on a half marathon run for charity

  • Royal Parks Half Marathon charity places
  • Great North Run charity places
  • Bath Half Marathon charity places

OK, so you are ready for the big one! Time to get a little Greek and conquer a marathon for charity.

  • Brighton Marathon charity places
  • Paris Marathon charity places
  • London Marathon charity places
  • Berlin Marathon charity places

External grants

Funding is available to many organisations in the UK through lottery funding. The Big Lottery Fund is one such group who support hundreds of UK community and voluntary causes. Visit their website to find out more about eligibility.


Get Competitive

These could take the form of a race, a guess the baby photo contest, a quiz night, a talent contest, a raffle or any of a hundred other fun ideas.

Home made bake sales

It may not be an original idea, but it sure is popular. Organise a cake morning and bring along delicious treats to sell to friends and family.


Car boot sales

A great opportunity for the whole group to have a good clear out, a car boot sale can help raise funds. If you have grounds, then why not use them to host sales for the local community, with the club keeping the stall fees.

Swear Jar

Set up a swear jar in the office and any time somebody curses, they need to make a donation.


Pizza Party

Buy some pizza bases and lots of toppings, then hold a pizza party where everyone can make and eat their own pizza. You might want to make this a weekend activity so that colleagues can bring their children along. Make sure to hold it somewhere that has enough preparation and cooking space.

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Popular fundraising ideas

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