Marathon Fundraising Ideas

Interesting and fun Marathon Fundraising Ideas & tips. GoRaise can help you find the funds to take your donations the next level.

wdt_ID Fundraising idea Fundraising type Potential Time required
1 Sponsored Pledges Event High A bit
2 Promise Auction Event High Fair
3 Foreign Coin Exchange Event High A bit
4 Bakeathon Event Medium A bit
5 Afternoon Tea Community High A bit
6 125 Fundraising Ideas Community High A bit

Organising your charity marathon run

As well as marathon fundraising ideas and tips we thought it might be useful for you to know a bit about entering and gathering support for your run. There are hundreds of marathons in the UK every year and hundreds of people run them for charity. To enter many of them is as simple as heading to the relevant website and booking yourself in. There is a comprehensive list of UK marathons on the here.  Some events, such as the Virgin Money London Marathon are more difficult to enter. If you are running for a larger charity, such as Marie Curie or the War Child foundation, then you may be able to secure a guaranteed place through ‘Charity Entry’. Otherwise, if supporting a smaller charity, you may have to rely on ballot entry, so make sure you have a backup event if you are not successful.



It is not advised to begin training for a marathon unless you are already comfortably running 20-30 miles per week. The REI website provides a great guide to running your first marathon.


Gathering support

Once your challenge is set up, it’s time to start looking for support and donations. One great way to generate support and raise money for your challenge is by hosting some fundraising events in the lead up to your challenge. Take a look at our page on Fundraising Ideas for some inspiration. Using GoRaise to collect funds for your marathon is a great way to supplement the money you raise from conventional sponsorship form donations. You can register as a Challenger on GoRaise today, and your supporters will be able to generate funds for your marathon each time they shop online.

You can visit our FAQs to find out more about using GoRaise as part of your charity challenge.

Good luck!


Always a winner, get the family together to create some home baked goodness and then sell them on to colleagues or club members. It’s a quick and cheap way to generate some instant and delicious funds.


Foreign Coin Exchange

Let all of your colleagues know that you’ll be collecting foreign coins up to give the money to charity. If they’ve got any currency from past holidays, they can give it to you and you’ll exchange it back into pounds to add to the fundraising total.

Sponsored Pledges

Ask your colleagues to pledge to give something up for a week or a month, in exchange for sponsorship from their teammates. For example, the office chocoholic could give up chocolate and the person who can’t function without a coffee could give up caffeine.


Promise Auction

Ask everyone in your office to write down a promise of what they could do for someone else, such as baking them a cake or helping them put up some shelves. Auction off these promises to the highest bidder in the team and donate all of the money to charity.

Afternoon Tea

Prepare some delicious afternoon tea nibbles, such as scones, cakes and finger sandwiches. Charge an entry price to anyone who wants to come along. Decorate the meeting room with bunting and fairy lights if you want to jazz it up a bit.


Bid For The Boss

See if your team leaders and executives would be willing to auction off a lunchtime slot with them. There might be a lot of people in the office keen to spend some time speaking with them and suggesting new ideas for the company!

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