Fundraising ideas for Schools

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wdt_ID Fundraising idea Fundraising type Potential Time required
1 Providing advertising space Corporate Medium A bit
2 Jubble sale Community High Fair
3 Sponsor a project Corporate High Fair
4 Teachers Vs. Students / Parents Vs. Teachers Games Day Event High A bit
5 Variety Show Event High A bit
6 125 Fundraising Ideas Variety High A bit


Want to be top of the class when it comes to your school’s fundraising.

School fundraising doesn’t have to be elaborate and time-consuming, it can be done using some really fun and simple methods that will encourage the enthusiasm of everyone involved and its ongoing participation. Check out the list below for some ideas and don’t forget one of the simplest ways to gain donations is to sign up with us.

school fundraising ideas

Providing advertising space

As a school, you can always sell space on advertising boards around the edges of your school pitch and playing areas? These don’t have to be permanent and can take the form of sandwich boards you set up before each game or event.


Sponsor a project

Approach local business to see if they would be willing to sponsor your new library books, minibus, or playground equipment. A good place to start looking for a sponsor is among parents, someone is probably involved with a local business looking for exposure.

Jubble sale

Using the parking areas or playing fields at your school disposal the local community could come together once a month and sell off old clothing, toys, books etc. There could be donations buckets in and around on the day, with participants paying a fee to sell their wares on the school property. Cakes, teas, and coffees could be sold here also to add more funds to the pot.


Teachers Vs. Students / Parents Vs. Teachers Games Day

Set up a fun day of events for teachers, friends and family of the school. You can provide food, play 5 a side games, and set up a penalty shootout competition with prizes for the winners. Charge for tickets and put the profit towards your club’s goals.

Variety Show

Open the floor to anyone who wants to enter the school’s variety night. Organise an evening of entertainment with a door fee to gain donations. Use the schools PE hall and ask for volunteers to help with set design and other small tasks.


Non-uniform days

Offer a non-uniform day to the pupils and ask that they make a donation for the fun privilege. It’s simple, always a winner, free to set up and can be repeated easily.

PTA fundraising ideas

Other fundraising ideas for Groups

All groups have their own unique rules, cultures and members.  But what every group has in common is the need to raise money for their projects. Check out what some of the other types of groups do to raise money.

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