Fundraising ideas for the Scouts & Guides

Fundraising ideas for scouting and guiding groups. Whether you need new tents or sleeping bags, perhaps that next trip is proving too costly. Let us help you gain donations from your supporters.

wdt_ID Fundraising idea Fundraising type Potential Time required
1 Bag packing at a local supermarket Social High A bit
2 Sponsored challenges Event High Fair
3 Tuck shop Corporate High A bit
4 Rent a scout or Guide Event Medium A bit
5 Box car racing Community High A bit
6 125 Fundraising Ideas Community High A bit

Getting your Scouts & Guides Fundraising started

With the launch of the ‘million hands’ initiative, the UK’s scouts and guides are always seen helping and supporting those who need it in their communities. It’s important to remember that the groups themselves need just as much support and funding, and here are a few ideas for fundraising for your Scout or Guide troop.

Scouts  Guides Fundraising Ideas

Bag packing at a local supermarket

Do you have an army of energetic scouts or guides at your disposal? If so, get in touch with a local supermarket and arrange to spend the day helping to pack groceries at the checkout in return for donations to your club.


Tuck shop

Sell a selection of healthy snacks and drinks at your meetings and put the profits towards the club funding. This is a great way to get the group members involved in fundraising as they can be responsible for running the shop.

Sponsored challenges

Your group could undertake any number of challenges to raise funds. You could get sponsored for a run, a swim, a sponsored silence or even a read-a-thon.


Rent a scout or Guide

Whether it’s to clear a garden of weeds, wash a car or two, walk a dog, or carry some bags back from the shops, scouts and guides are always useful to have around. Break up into twos and rent your time to the local community for errands and other usefulness.

Box car racing

A fun day out for everyone. Challenge your scouts to construct box carts and have a downhill race. You can charge entry and maybe even allow the parents to wager on the winning cart to raise even more.



These could take the form of a race, a guess the baby photo contest, a quiz night, a talent contest, a raffle or any of a hundred other fun ideas.

Scout Fundraising Ideas

Other popular fundraising ideas

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