The longest game of netball ever was played by the team at Generation Netball Club in Australia who marathoned for 72 hours and 5 minutes, raising enough money to purchase new uniform dresses for all 20 teams in their league.

Do you want to raise money to help fund your club? Here are a few ideas.

Bag packing at a local supermarket – do you have an army of energetic players at your disposal? If so, get in touch with a local supermarket and arrange to spend the day helping to pack groceries at the checkout in return for donations to your club.

Match day tuck shop – ever been stood watching on the sidelines and wished you’d brought a flask along? So have all the other spectators. Get a small table, a hot water dispenser, and head to a nearby wholesalers for some teabags, coffee and biscuits. Sell snacks and refreshments at all your home games and use the funds gathered to support the club.

Mobile bake sale – this one works particularly well on a campus with halls of residence, but can be done anywhere. Go from door to door with plates of cakes and other baked goods for sale, sure to be a hit with hungry first year students.

Pub golf – a great idea for university teams. Create a course leading you around local bars and pubs, make scorecards to be marked at each watering hole, and get sponsored for your efforts. You could even ask the pubs you will visit if they will donate in return for you bringing a team full of thirsty netballers along.

Looking for more general ideas for fundraising? You can find them on the Main Fundraising page.