In 2016, North Dulwich Tennis club raised £3000 in a 24 hour tennis marathon. Two former Davis Cup players took part in the event at Roehampton’s national tennis centre.

If you are looking for some creative fundraising ideas for your club then look no further:

Charity game day – set up a fun day of events for friends and family of the club. You can provide food, play a small tournament, maybe even run a fastest serve competition with prizes for the winners. Charge for tickets and put the profit towards your club’s goals.

Clubhouse events – do you have access to a clubhouse? If so, you can use the space to host film screenings, comedy nights, talent competitions and more.

Raffle lessons – a great way for the top ranked players at your club to help with fundraising. All they have to do is volunteer a few hours of their time, and you can raffle or auction these lessons as a great way to raise funds.

Club calendar – gather some great images from around your club and create a unique calendar to offer for sale to your members.

Store partnership – can a local sports supplier offer you a small commission on club members spending at their store? If you can send a lot of business their way, then it is in everyone’s interest to work together.

Looking for more general ideas for fundraising? You can find them on the Main Fundraising page.