Horse riding has been a part of human history for many thousands of years.

One of the oldest equine sports is racing, born simply from the desire to discover which were the fastest horses to use for breeding.

Today there are many fun activities and sports involving horses.
If you’re looking to raise money to help fund your stables, school, or livery yard, using GoRaise to generate funds every time your supporters shop online is a great way to do so, but here are a few more ideas beyond online shopping:

Gymkhana night – put together a night of fun team games and small riding challenges with the more gentle horses so that everyone at the stables can get involved in the activities. Give prizes for the winning team and sell tickets to the event in advance.

Own a pony day – sell or raffle an experience day. The winner will spend the day with ‘their’ pony, including a riding lesson, and instruction on animal care. Depending on the experience level of the winner, the lesson and care content can be changed.

Selling old gear – it may not mean much to the stables, but an old horseshoe from a favorite animal can mean a lot to your riders. Keep an eye out for opportunities to turn equine items you no longer need into profit.

Looking for more general ideas for fundraising? You can find them on the Main Fundraising page.