Charity Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising ideas for charity. Whether you are researching a cure for a human condition or looking after needy animals we want to help you help them.

wdt_ID Fundraising idea Fundraising type Potential Time required
1 Sponsorship Social High A bit
2 Charity socials Event High Fair
3 Selling charity gear Corporate High A bit
4 Bake/Plant sales Event Medium A bit
5 Car boot sales Community High A bit
6 125 Fundraising Ideas Community High A bit

Get some inspiration for ways to raise money for your charity

If you are in charge of raising funds for your charity, then you have come to the right place for a wealth of ideas on how to give your support drive a real boost!

Getting your supporters to use GoRaise can be a great way to increase the money you bring in. Each time they shop online at over 3,000 retailers, your cause will receive a small donation. Over the course of a year, this can add up to thousands of pounds, and it doesn’t cost you or your supporters a penny to start using GoRaise today. If you haven’t yet started using GoRaise to collect funds for your charity then head to this page to set yourselves up as a cause and start raising funds every time your supporters shop online.

Here are plenty of great ideas which you can use to add to the funds collected through GoRaise:

Fundraising ideas Charity


Look for a local business who may be willing to sponsor your charity. They can supply regular funding to your group in exchange for promotion in your charity newsletters and at events, and perhaps even in your shop or store.


Selling charity gear

Create designs for hoodies, t-shirts and more featuring your charity’s logo. This is a great way for your supporters to show their allegiance to your cause and support your charity at the same time.

Charity socials

The options are limitless; coffee mornings, group meals, games nights, quiz evenings. Simply set a ticket price, and put the proceeds towards your charity. If you don’t have suitable premises for events like these, then perhaps someone involved with your charity can help you find a church or school hall, or village green, where you can host all kinds of events.


Bake/Plant sales

Organise a cake morning and bring along delicious treats to sell to friends, family and the local community. Perhaps you have some gardening experts among your supporters? It is easy to nurture a few different species of flower, herb or vegetable plants to adulthood and then sell the plants in small pots at a community sale.

Car boot sales

A car boot sale is a great way to raise funds. If you can find a place to host, then why not run a sale for the local community, with the charity keeping the stall fees. Perhaps some sellers will be so thrilled to have a clear out that they would be willing to donate their profits to the club!



Sort of a no brainer, shop online and give limitless funds to your charity that cost you absolutely nothing. GoRaise is a free service, no strings attached, just donations.

Fundraising ideas Charity

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