Fundraising ideas for Animal Charities

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wdt_ID Fundraising idea Fundraising type Potential Time required
1 Sponsored jog Social High A bit
2 Bake sale (for pets) Event High Fair
3 Dog walking service Corporate High A bit
4 Fancy dress party Event Medium A bit
5 BBQ (pets welcome) Community High A bit
6 125 Fundraising Ideas Community High A bit

Get some inspiration for ways to raise money for your animal charity

With large animal charities rehoming as many as 50,000 animals per year, and treating over 150,000 for illnesses and disease, there is always a need for fundraising. Whether you run a small local initiative, or you are looking for ideas to raise money for a huge national charity, we have a whole load of ideas to help you fundraise for your animal focused charity.

Animal Charity Fundraising Idea

Sponsored jog

Arrange a sponsored jog/walk and encourage dogs and owners to take part. You could provide prizes for the winners, and perhaps a prize for the slowest dog and owner pair as well, to make sure older pets get a chance to enjoy the walk.


Dog walking service

Offer a paid service for local people where charity staff and volunteers will walk pets in exchange for a donation. This can be a particularly helpful service for elderly supporters who may not be able to walk their pets every day.

Bake sale (for pets)

A twist on the classic bake sale, host a day where the treats on sale are for the pets, not the owners. Encourage your supporters to bring along bones, hamster drops, fish flakes, kitten milk, and other treats, and the proceeds from the sale can go the charity.

Fancy dress party

An animal themed party gives a great scope for fancy dress ideas, so why not host a social event in aid of your charity. If you run a shelter, you could even challenge your supporters to come dressed as some of the furry residents and have a competition to guess who is dressed as which animal.

Animal art auction

Ask you supporters to donate art themed around your shelter residents, or the animals your charity protects and helps. By dipping some paws in a small amount of non toxic paint, you can even get the animals to create their own pieces of art to be auctioned.


BBQ (pets welcome)

A summer BBQ is a great opportunity to get together and why not bring along your dogs as well, to enjoy the sunshine and the open space, as well as the opportunity to run around and play with other dogs. Just make sure to keep one eye on the sausages!

Animal Charity Fundraising Idea

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