Fundraising ideas for your CIC

Fundraising hacks for your CIC. Get free donations from your supporters as they shop online. Simples.

wdt_ID Fundraising idea Fundraising type Potential Time required
1 Bacon Butties Breakfast Social High A bit
2 Get Cycling Event High Fair
3 Spa Day Community High A bit
4 Donate Your Pay Event Medium A bit
5 Bring and Buy Corporate High A bit
6 125 Fundraising Ideas Community High A bit

Get some inspiration for ways to raise money for your CIC

Want to find a great new way to boost the funds available to you as a Community Interest Company? Using GoRaise is simple for CIC’s and it makes fundraising easy.

All you have to do as an employee of a CIC is to set up your company as a cause on GoRaise. Once this is done, you can begin to receive donations through our service.

GoRaise allows your supporters to collect donations for you every time they shop online at over 3,000 retailers. We have many huge high street names on board, and plenty of boutique style shops as well, chances are, almost everyone you know is shopping online at one of our partner stores at least a couple of times over a year, and probably much more often than that!

Once your supporters are registered, they will collect a donation every time they shop, and that money will come to your CIC once per quarter. It doesn’t cost you or your supporters a penny to sign up and use GoRaise as the donations are paid for by the retailers.


Bacon Butties Breakfast

If people are moaning about the 8am meeting you’ve all been booked into, seize the opportunity for some fundraising! Use the office kitchen to cook up some bacon sandwiches (and a vegetarian/halal alternative) then offer them up to your colleagues for a set donation. Subtract the cost of the ingredients from whatever you raise, then give the rest to charity.


Spa Day

There’s bound to be a budding hair stylist, nail technician, or make-up artist in your team. Advertise their services and ask colleagues to book slots with them one Friday afternoon. This is the perfect way for anyone going out that evening to get glammed up, and you’ll raise money for your chosen charity too.


Get Cycling

Put the call out for someone to bring an exercise bike into the office and see how long it takes you and your colleagues to cycle the equivalent distance of somewhere in your local area. So if your office is in London, challenge yourselves to cycle the length of the Thames (184 miles)! Anyone who wants to take part can put their name down for a shift and ask their friends and family for sponsorship. Those who don’t fancy getting sweaty in the office can enjoy watching and donating.


Donate Your Pay

Ask some of the managers and directors in your team if they would be happy to donate a day’s pay for your chosen cause. This is a great way for them to get involved if they’re too busy to come along to your other fundraisers.

Job Swap

Arrange a day where everyone in your team swaps jobs with a colleague. Make sure to run this past HR and your bosses first – it might not be the most productive day for getting work done! Have collection buckets on hand all day for people to make donations.


Bring and Buy

Ask your team to bring in any unwanted items from home that are still in good condition – clothes, books, DVDs, board games, and children’s toys are all great for this. Price all the items up, book a room for your pop-up store, and invite everyone along for some second-hand shopping. If you’ve got any items left at the end of the day, donate them to a charity shop so that they can benefit too.

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