Fundraising ideas for your sports Club

Fundraising ideas for sports clubs, because we know how hard it can be to organise and fund your club. With many sports clubs relying on wonderful volunteers, let us help take some of the pressure off.

wdt_ID Fundraising idea Fundraising type Potential Time required
1 External funding Corporate Medium A bit
2 Cake sales Community Medium Not much
3 Club socials Event Low Not much
4 Yard sales Social Medium Not much
5 Club Merchandise Corporate High Lots
6 Sell advertising space Business High A bit

Getting Started.

If you haven’t started using GoRaise to collect funds for your sport then head to this page to set your club up as a cause, and start raising funds every time you and your club members shop online.

Here are plenty of great ideas which you can use to add to the funds received through GoRaise:

Fundraising Ideas Football Club

External funding

Funding is available to many organisations in the UK through lottery funding. The Big Lottery Fund is one such group who support hundreds of UK community and voluntary causes. Visit their website to find out more about eligibility.


Club socials

Why not celebrate that big win, or mark the end of the season with a social for friends and family of the club. The options are limitless, bake sales, group meals, games nights, quiz evenings. Simply set a ticket price, and put the proceeds towards your club goals.


Cake sales

It may not be an original idea, but it sure is popular. Organise a cake morning and bring along delicious treats to sell to friends and family.


Yard sales

A great opportunity for the whole group to have a good clear out, a club yard sale can help raise funds. If you have grounds, then why not use them to host sales for the local community, with the club keeping the stall fees.

Club Gala

Organise a gala for the club and use local businesses to fund the event. They get to advertise on the evening and come along for free. Tickets are sold for all other attendees and as its a Gala prices are premium.

Club Merchandise

There is no excuse not to have club merchandise for sale to the general public. The startup costs are small and the returns on t-shirts, hoodies, and caps are at least 300%. It will require someone with time to volunteer to the project but it will be totally worth it.


Fundraising Ideas for Rugby Club

Other popular club fundraising ideas

If you want some more specific ideas for fundraising for your club check out what these clubs get up to.

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