Fundraising ideas for Bowls Clubs

Money making hints and tips for your bowls club. If you would like to increase your fundraising in a way that doesn't cost your members, friends and family anything else check out GoRaise.

wdt_ID Fundraising idea Fundraising type Potential Time required
1 Selling advertising space Corporate High A bit
2 Bake sales Food High A bit
3 Expert night Community Medium Fair
4 Charity walk Event Medium A bit
5 Plant sales Event Low A bit
6 125 Fundraising Ideas Variety High A bit

Fundraising Ideas for Bowls Clubs

Selling advertising space

Can you sell space on advertising boards around the edges of your green, or on the pavilion?

Expert night

Is there an expert among you who could use their knowledge to help raise funds. For example, this could be an amateur historian willing to donate an evening for a lecture, or a well-traveled club member with plenty of tales to tell. Whoever your expert is, charge admission for the event and sell refreshments to raise money.

Bake sales

It may not be an original idea, but it sure is popular. Organise a cake morning and bring along delicious treats to sell to friends and family.


Charity walk

Is there a local walk or hill climb which your group can take on for charity. Even a walking trip around the local pubs can be approached as a fundraising challenge!

External funding

Funding is available to many organisations in the UK through lottery funding. The Big Lottery Fund is one such group who support hundreds of UK community and voluntary causes. Visit their website to find out more about eligibility.


Plant sales

Do you have any green fingered gurus among your members? It is easy to nurture a few different species of flower, herb or vegetable plants to adulthood and then sell the plants in small pots at a community sale.

Fundraising Ideas for Bowls Clubs

Other popular fundraising ideas

If you want some more specific ideas for fundraising for your club then take a look at our other club fundraising ideas pages.

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