Fundraising ideas for Cricket Clubs

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Top 15 Fundraising ideas for cricket clubs

wdt_ID Fundraising idea Fundraising type Potential Time required
1 Bag Packing Community Medium A bit
2 Club Film Night Entertaining Medium Not much
3 Match day tuck shop Shopping Low Not much
4 Parent V Kids Sporty Medium Not much
5 Cricket club grants Grant High Lots
6 127 Fundraising Ideas Community High A bit
7 Social nights Community Medium Lots
8 Sponsorship Corporate Medium A bit
9 Hire out your clubhouse Event High Lots
10 Seasonal Events Community High A bit


Get inspired and start raising donations for your Cricket Club

The current record for the most career runs is 18,426, held by the Indian player Sachin Tendulkar. You could set a (slightly lower!) target for runs across your club, and work together to reach a thousand, two thousand, or even more runs between all players. Here are a few other ideas for raising funds at your cricket club.

Fundraising Ideas Cricket

If you are involved in running a cricket club, securing funds is an important consideration. It may be for a big cost such as a new scoreboard or a regular expense like getting to away matches. Either way, there will always be something you need to pay for. Fundraising might not seem the most exciting thing on your agenda. It might even be a bit daunting to start with. But unless you have a rich benefactor, you will need to raise funds for your club to survive and thrive.

The good news is that fundraising for sports clubs can have plenty of benefits besides bringing in much-needed cash. If you do it right you can get the whole club involved, forge links with the local community, recruit new members and get some free publicity. Fundraising can be great fun and if you recruit a few helpers it need not be such hard work.

Although it can be enjoyable, fundraising for cricket clubs can also be time-consuming which is why you will want to have those helpers. It is a good idea to have at least one person on the committee whose main role is raising funds. This should be separate from the treasurer whose job is looking after the money you do raise.

Below are some great fundraising ideas for cricket clubs to get you started. With a little imagination, you can use these or come up with your own to turbocharge your fundraising.

  • Social nights

Make your clubhouse the centre of the club’s social life. There are endless evening events you can organise. Quiz nights, bingo nights, karaoke nights, live music, salsa nights, themed meals and wine tasting are all popular. 


  • Sponsorship

Advertising and sponsorship should form a big part of a cricket club fundraising strategy. Start by asking small to medium-sized local businesses if they are interested in sponsoring your club. These tend to be the most interested in localised advertising.


  • Hire out your clubhouse

If you have a clubhouse with a function room, what is it doing when the club is not using it? Can you hire it out for parties and events, or to local clubs and groups? People need venues for everything from birthdays and weddings to bridge clubs and Pilates classes.


  • Seasonal Events

The calendar is full of opportunities to put on an event. Try organising a Christmas fete, Boxing Day swim, New Year’s Eve party, summer barbeque, Guy Fawkes bonfire and fireworks, Halloween fancy-dress competition, pancake evening or an Easter egg hunt.


  • Club merchandise

This is a way to raise your profile and make some money at the same time. You can have all kinds of products created with your name on. Choose things that people will find useful but are not too expensive. 


  • ‘Bring a friend’ practice sessions

Organise a practice session for your youth teams where the players can bring their friends. The newcomers pay a modest amount for an introduction to club cricket, and the coaches can use the day to recruit new players.

  • Sponsored challenges

Sponsored walks or runs are a staple of fundraising for sports clubs, but to generate more sponsorship you need something newsworthy. This could be an event you organise as a club with lots of people taking part. 


  • Matchday raffle

This is another fundraising staple because it is easy to organise and does not take much time. Ask members or local businesses to donate prizes (in exchange for advertising). 


  • Fantasy league

You can organise a fantasy cricket league based on your own club and players, raising cash and generating some friendly rivalry at the same time. Websites like FantasyClubSports ( can help you to set this up. I


  • Sweepstakes

Whether it’s the World Cup or the Grand National, everybody loves a sweepstake. Charge a couple of pounds a go, give out the teams or horses at random and split the pot between the winner and the club.


  • Family fun day

This can be a big fundraising occasion and a chance to show the local community what your club is about. You will need a lot of helpers for this one, so recruit your members, friends of the club and extended families. 


  • GoRaise

This is a way to fundraise effortlessly whenever your club’s members or friends shop on the internet. If you sign up to GoRaise as a cause, people can support you for free when they shop at thousands of online retailers. 

How about a fundraising success story to give you more inspiration?

This Yorkshire club is never stumped for ideas

One club in Yorkshire makes nearly £2000 each year with their two regular fundraising events. On Good Friday they kick off the season with a cheese and wine afternoon. Junior members use the nets while the adults have a glass of wine or a beer. The food, raffle and bar raise about £500 but more importantly, it is a chance to get the whole club together at the start of the season.

At the end of the season, they team up with the local Scouts to hold a Family Fun Day. The local church, tennis club and Women’s’ Institute all run stalls so there is a real community feel to the event. Because so many people are involved the workload is shared making the organisation that bit easier. After splitting the proceeds with the Scouts, the club made £1300.

The fundraising events are supplemented with sponsorship from local and national businesses as well as well by selling advertising space on the club website. From time to time a special appeal is run for big expenses like a new electronic scoreboard in 2015. Altogether the fundraising strategy provides the funds needed to run a very successful village cricket club.

Why choose GoRaise to help with all your fundraising ideas?

GoRaise is probably the easiest means of fundraising for cricket clubs in existence. The service lets people support your club for free whenever they shop online. GoRaise has partnerships with thousands of retailers where a percentage of each purchase goes to a chosen good cause. Causes range from charities to community organisations, sponsored challenges and, of course, cricket clubs. You can sign up as a cause for free in a matter of minutes.

All your members have to do is sign up as individuals at the GoRaise website, making sure to choose your club as their good cause. Each time they shop on affiliated sites using GoRaise, a proportion of what they spend will go your club. These sites include big names like Argos, John Lewis, Sainsburys and eBay. To help encourage your members to use the service, along with their families and friends, GoRaise provides set of free marketing tools for you to use on your website or on social media.

There are times when cricket club fundraising is daunting. It can take time, energy and a lot of hard work. GoRaise takes the effort out of raising money and lets you fundraise on autopilot. The sooner you sign up the sooner you can start bringing in extra revenue, so visit the signup page today.

  • Bag packing at a local supermarket

Do you have an army of energetic players at your disposal? If so, get in touch with a local supermarket and arrange to spend the day helping to pack groceries at the checkout in return for donations to your club.


  • Matchday tuck shop

Ever been stood watching on the sidelines and wished you’d brought a flask along? So have all the other spectators. Get a small table, a hot water dispenser, and head to a nearby wholesalers for some teabags, coffee and biscuits. Sell snacks and refreshments at all your games and use the funds gathered to support the club.

  • Club film night

Once a month, why not organise a regular social where the whole team gets together and watches a movie. Sell tickets and refreshments to boost your club funds.


  • Parents Vs. Kids

Many parents will have been fidgeting in the stands for years, desperate to join in. Well, now is their chance. Organise a charity game pitting the adults against the children.

  • How to get grants for cricket clubs

Funding is available to many organisations in the UK through lottery funding. The Big Lottery Fund is one such group who support hundreds of UK community and voluntary causes. Visit their website to find out more about eligibility.  The England and Wales Cricket Trust (EWCT) Small Grant Scheme is a good place to start.  The scheme has been created for cricket clubs looking to make smaller and sustainable changes to their club.

Your club can apply for a small grant from £1000 to £4000 to purchase materials for your club house, score box, flood defence or kitchen and bar areas.  You can find out more here.


Fundraising Ideas Cricket


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