Fundraising ideas for Lacrosse Teams

'Check' out these fun and easy to implement fundraising tips. GoRaise has lots of money making ideas to help your team with it's fundraising efforts

wdt_ID Fundraising idea Fundraising type Potential Time required
1 Local Sponsorship Corporate High A bit
2 Club Apparel Corporate High Fair
3 Second Hand Equipment Sale Event High A bit
4 Parents Vs. Team Event Medium A bit
5 Match Day Tuck Shop Event High A bit
6 125 Fundraising Ideas Variety High A bit


Get inspired and start raising donations for your Lacrosse Team

You have an army of supporters, parent and a local community who think you rule on the field. Now, let’s give them a way to top up your fundraising pot every time they shop online. GoRaise is free and easy fundraising. We have also added in some of the best fundraising ideas we can think of for your team to try out.

fundraising ideas for lacrosse

Local Sponsorship 

Why not approach a local shop in the area and see if they would like to sponsor a particular part for the team’s requirements. Perhaps they could help cover kit costs, physio costs or travel expenses.  The first place to ask about local sponsorship is within the team as parents are usually in the know about potential opportunities.


Second-hand Equipment Sale

Selling off old unwanted sports equipment for a sport that is equipment heavy and costly is a great way to raise funds and help others out. Jerseys, padding,  sticks that that do not fit any longer can generate some cash for the team instead of dust in the garage.

Club Apparel 

Using sites like We Are Print Social teams can put together a range of apparel that supporters can buy into and the great thing is there is no startup cost. The apparel is only made if it is purchased and therefore the costs can be integrated into the final price of the garment. The merchandise is of a high standard that looks awesome on your supporters around town.


‘Parents v The Team’ 

Many parents will have been fidgeting in the stands for years, desperate to join in. Well, now is their chance. Organise a charity game pitting the adults against the children.

Matchday tuck shop

Ever been stood watching on the sidelines and wished you’d brought a flask along? So have all the other spectators. Get a small table, a hot water dispenser, and head to a nearby wholesaler for some teabags, coffee and biscuits. Sell snacks and refreshments at all your home games and use the funds gathered to support the club.


Host a film night

Once a month, why not organise a regular social where the whole team, friends, and the family gets together and watches a movie. If you are a university team, you may be able to find a lecture hall that you can use in the evening. Sell tickets and refreshments to boost your club funds.



All clubs have their own unique rules, cultures and fan base.  But what every club has in common is the need to raise money for their sports club. Check out what some of the other types of sports club do to raise money.

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