Fundraising ideas for Rowing Clubs

We a boat full of fundraising ideas and tips to help your club take the funds to the next level.

wdt_ID Fundraising idea Fundraising type Potential Time required
1 Naming Rights Corporate High A bit
2 Charity Erg-ing Sporty High Fair
3 Selling seats Corporate High Fair
4 Sponsorship Corporate High Fair
5 Learn to row days Community Medium A bit
6 125 Fundraising Ideas Variety High A bit

Fundraising Ideas Rowing Clubs

Naming Rights

Do you have a new boat, or an old one with an outdated moniker? Hold a charity auction within the club for the right to name the vessel.


Selling seats

Replacing the worn out bum-rests in your eight? Auction off those old seats to club members. It may just be the stroke or number 5 seat to anyone else, but to one club member, it’s the seat they won their first head in.

Charity Erg-ing

There are many ways you can use a rowing machine as a fundraising tool; hold a tag-team 24 hour row in a public square, get sponsored to collectively row a million meters on ergs over the course of a month. Any challenge will do.



Look for a business willing to sponsor your race kit, team bus, trailer, or kit bags. A good place to start looking for a sponsor is among team members or parents, someone is probably involved with a local business looking for exposure.

Club contests

Hold an event with a £5 buy in, and the fastest 2k erg time takes home £25. The rest goes to fund the club. This is a great way to make those dreaded tests seem a little more fun.


Learn to row days

On a nice warm afternoon, bring friends and family down to the club and give them a chance to try out something new by swapping them into the middle seats of an eight. If you have two boats you can even try a few beginner races. Sell tickets to row to raise funds for the club.

Fundraising Ideas Rowing Clubs

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