Fundraising ideas for Rugby Clubs

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Must try Fundraising Ideas for your Rugby Club

wdt_ID Fundraising idea Fundraising type Potential Time required
1 Selling advertising space Corporate High Not much
2 Sponsorship Sporty High A bit
3 Charity game day Sporty Medium A lot
4 Bag Packing Event Medium A bit
5 Match day tuck shop Event Low A bit
6 125 Fundraising Ideas Variety High Not much
7 Pub Golf Event Medium A bit

Get some inspiration for ways to fundraise for your rugby club

The first time a national anthem was sung at a sporting event was in 1905, before a game of Rugby. On the 16th of November in that year the Welsh team decided to respond to the New Zealand Haka by singing their national anthem, Hen wlad Fy Nhadau, and the crowd joined in. It is now a traditional at most national sporting events for anthems to be sung before the game.

Singing isn’t the only way to get behind and support your team though, and here are a few ideas on how you might raise funds for your own Rugby club:

Fundraising Ideas for Rugby Club

Selling advertising space

Can you sell space on boards around the sides of your field? Perhaps even on a scoreboard? These don’t have to be permanent, and could take the form of portable boards you set up at each game.



Look for a local enterprise willing to sponsor your strip, minibus, or kit bags. A good place to start looking for a sponsor is among your team and families.

Bag packing at supermarkets

Do you have an army of enthusiastic players at your disposal? If so, get in touch with a local supermarket and arrange to spend the day helping to pack groceries at the checkout in return for donations to your club.


Charity game day

Set up a fun day of events for friends and family of the club. You can provide food, play short games, and set up a conversion kick competition with prizes for the winners. Charge for tickets and put the profit towards your club’s goals.

Match day tuck shop

Ever been stood watching on the sidelines and wished you’d brought a flask along? So have all the other spectators. Get a small table, a hot water dispenser, and head to a nearby wholesalers for some teabags, coffee and biscuits. Sell snacks and refreshments at all your home games and use the funds gathered to support the club.


Pub golf

Always a classic event for university teams, but can work just as well for the parents of a youth team. Create a course leading around local bars and pubs, make scorecards to be marked at each watering hole, and get sponsored for your efforts.

Fundraising Ideas for Rugby Club

Other fundraising ideas for your club

All clubs have their own unique rules, cultures and fan base.  But what every club has in common is the need to raise money for their sports club. Check out what some of the other types of sports club do to raise money.

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