Fundraising ideas for Tennis Clubs

A page full of ace fundraising tip and tricks to ensure your tennis club is getting the most from its members, family , friends and supporters.

wdt_ID Fundraising idea Fundraising type Potential Time required
1 External funding Corporate High A bit
2 Club calendar Sporty High A bit
3 Clubhouse events Sporty Medium A bit
4 Store partnership Event Medium A bit
5 Raffle lessons Event Low A bit
6 125 Fundraising Ideas Variety High A bit


Fundraising Ideas for Tennis Clubs

Clubhouse events

Do you have access to a clubhouse? If so, you can use the space to host film screenings, comedy nights, talent competitions and more.


Raffle lessons

A great way for the top ranked players at your club to help with fundraising. All they have to do is volunteer a few hours of their time, and you can raffle or auction these lessons as a great way to raise funds.

Store partnership

Can a local sports supplier offer you a small commission on club members spending at their store? If you can send a lot of business their way, then it is in everyone’s interest to work together.


Charity game day

Set up a fun day of events for friends and family of the club. You can provide food, play a small tournament, maybe even run a fastest serve competition with prizes for the winners. Charge for tickets and put the profit towards your club’s goals.

External funding

Funding is available to many organisations in the UK through lottery funding. The Big Lottery Fund is one such group who support hundreds of UK community and voluntary causes. Visit their website to find out more about eligibility.


Club calendar

Gather some great images from around your club and create a unique calendar to offer for sale to your members.

Fundraising Ideas for Tennis Clubs

Other popular fundraising ideas

If you want even more fundraising ideas for your tennis club, have a look at our other club fundraising pages. There is lots you could bring into your fundraising lin up.

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