Organising a charity run

There are a huge amount of running focused events all over the UK every year.

Some, like the Cancer Research Race for Life are already set up as a charity event, offering races from 5k up to a full marathon to offer a challenge for everyone.

Other races may not be set up with a specific charity in mind, but that does not make them any less an ideal fundraising event.

You can find a comprehensive list of UK road races on the Run Britain website, or if its trail running that takes your fancy, then head over to Time Outdoors to see their run calendar for the UK.

Booking in for many of these events is as simple as paying an entry fee online. Then, it’s time to begin your training.


Depending on your distance, and your starting level of fitness, your training regime will vary.

For a short race, and as a complete beginner, you may want to start by combining walking and running each evening. Using lampposts as markers can be a great way to gauge your progress, as you are able to introduce larger periods of unbroken jogging as you walk.

If you are ready to take the next step, then using a running app to track your progress, and measure the distance of your runs can help to build your confidence when tackling a 5k or 10k run. Many of these apps are available, and the free app produced by Nike+ is one of the best options, as it can create tailored training programmes for your fitness level.

If all of this preparation seems a little tame to you, then perhaps it is time for an even bigger challenge. Take a look at our page on marathon running here.

Gathering support

Once your challenge is set up, it’s time to start looking for support and donations.

One way to generate support and funds for your run is by hosting a few events in the lead up to your challenge. Take a look at our Fundraising Ideas page for some inspiration.

Using GoRaise to collect funds for your run is a great way to supplement the money you raise from conventional sponsorship forms. You can register as a Challenger on GoRaise today, and your supporters will be able to generate funds for your challenge each time they shop online.

You can visit our FAQs to find out more about using GoRaise as part of your challenge.

Good luck!