Organising your skydive

A skydive is one of the easiest challenges to set up. Once you’ve done the hard part (convincing yourself to jump out of a plane), then all that is left to do is book.

If you are jumping for a smaller charity or cause, then you can simply book a skydive and get fundraising. Make sure to account for the cost of the skydive, which will likely be around £300 for a tandem jump. You can easily book a jump at sites such as and

When jumping for a larger charity, there is another option to consider. Some charities will pay for your jump, provided your fundraising meets a minimum level. To have a look at the charities who will fund a skydive you can use the drop down list on this page at Skyline Parachuting.

Gathering support

Once your challenge is set up, it’s time to start looking for support and donations.

One great way to generate support and raise money for your skydive is by hosting some fundraising events in the lead up to your challenge. Take a look at our page on Fundraising Ideas for some inspiration.  

Using GoRaise to collect funds for your challenge is a great way to supplement the money you raise from conventional donations.

You can register as a Challenger on GoRaise today, and supporters will be able to generate funds for your jump every time they shop online.

You can visit our FAQs to find out more about using GoRaise as part of your charity challenge.