Entering a triathlon

You may be thinking that entering a triathlon is only for the fitness fanatics at the top of their game. While this may well be true for some events, triathlons actually come in a variety of grades, from super sprint triathlons for the very beginner all the way through to half-iron and full-iron triathlons.

Some events, like the Parkinson’s UK drive for the London Triathlon, are run by a specific charity at a larger event, while many others welcome competitive athletes and charity challengers alike. The British Triathlon website has a great list of UK events.

If you want to add an extra level of prestige to your charity event, then there are even themed triathlons to be found. A great example is the Castle Triathlon Series, which run at landmark Castles around Europe.

You can generally register online for a triathlon, and once this is done, it is time to begin the preparation.


A training regime for a triathlon will of course need to focus on aerobic fitness centred around the swim, cycle and run.

You will need to make sure though to tailor your programme to the type of triathlon you have entered, as there is a great deal of variety between triathlon events.

For example, if you have entered a sprint length triathlon, then your swim section may cover around 400m, which will mean focusing on quick, shorter swims when training in the pool, whereas the gruelling 4km swim of a full-iron triathlon will require intense endurance training.

Gathering support.

Once your triathlon is set up, it’s time to start looking for support and donations.

One way to generate support and funds is by hosting a few events in the lead up to your challenge. Take a look at our Fundraising Ideas page for some inspiration.

Using GoRaise to collect funds for your triathlon is a great way to supplement the money you raise from conventional sponsorship forms. You can register as a Challenger on GoRaise today, and your supporters will be able to generate funds for your challenge each time they shop online.

You can visit our FAQs to find out more about using GoRaise as part of your challenge.

Good luck!