1. FAQ – Causes

FAQ – Causes

Is there any cost to us or our supporters?

None! GoRaise does not cost you or your supporters a penny. The retailers pay you a donation of a fixed amount or percentage amount per transaction based on what your supporters spend, and those retailers are the only ones who pay for the donation.

Why do the retailers make a donation?

Well, there’s a few reasons: It’s a way of thanking their web shoppers for their custom. Retailers want to do their bit to help good causes. It attracts more customers to their online store.

Sounds too good to be true – is there a catch?

Nope! Your supporters spend online like they normally would, and the retailer donates a fixed amount, or a percentage of what they spend, to your cause. It’s as simple as that. No catch. Sadly many great causes are unaware of the millions of pounds of retailer commission available for donation every year.

How much of the donation does GoRaise take?

We don’t take a penny of the donations made by retailers. The donation rate your supporters see is the exact amount you will receive from us. For clarity, we are a commercial organisation, and we receive an additional payment from the retailer entirely separate to the donation made to your cause.

Can any cause use GoRaise to fundraise?

Yes, any good cause, with charitable goals, can use GoRaise. We help charities, sports clubs, foundations, PTAs, community groups, churches, youth groups and many more causes to raise funds easily, all year round. If you work for a large organisation or cause, it may be worth a check to see if your cause is already registered. If you do need to set up a new cause then that’s no problem. You will simply set up a page within a few minutes and start raising right away.

How do we get paid?

You can choose an online transfer to a bank account or payment platform such as JustGiving. We pay quarterly, and you must have more than £15 in confirmed donations in order to receive a payment. You receive the full amount, no handling fees, no membership costs. Simple.

Will GoRaise help us to raise money?

Yes! …oh, you want the long answer? Well, we also provide ongoing support to all of our causes including custom videos and emails for you to share with your followers and our ever present efforts to raise awareness of the donations that retailers have on offer for causes just like yours. 95% of the UK now buys goods online, and since GoRaise costs neither you or your supporters a single penny there is no reason at all for them not to use it every time they shop with our retailers and partners. We even provide a donation reminder through their browser, so your supporters will never miss a chance to help you raise. How’s that for a helping hand?

How does the retailer know who to pay?

Each time your supporters click out from GoRaise to their chosen retailer, our site keeps track of which cause they support. If they then make a purchase the retailers will send the donation on to us, and we then direct the full donation on to you. We never take any of the funds given as a donation. Instead, we receive an additional payment from the retailer entirely separate to the donation made to your cause.

Can anyone see what my supporters are buying?

No, only the retailer can see this information.

How much money can we generate?

On average, each of your supporters will generate £30-40 per year. That means with just over a hundred supporters you could be receiving a quarterly donation of around £1000.  There is no upper limit to how much you can earn.

Can I speak to a real person?

Always. (Well, between 9am and 5pm anyway!) Please call us on 07769867057 or use our Live Chat feature (Click on the blue circle in the bottom right of your screen) and we will be happy to talk. Otherwise you can leave us a message using our contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Can we change our logo?

Yes. Just login and visit your ‘Cause account’ area where you can upload your logo, or change the existing image.

How can we get our supporters involved?

If you’re already registered with GoRaise, then your marketing tools section is ready for you any time you are logged in. This includes pre-made and customised emails, social media content, website copy and a personalised video to promote your cause

Why have we not been paid yet?

This can be one of two things. Firstly, if you recently received a payment from us and you notice that a few donations you were expecting to see on your payment are not there, then that is likely to be because they were still ‘Pending’ with the retailer and not yet ‘Confirmed’ at the time you received payment. In this case, they will appear in your next quarterly payment from GoRaise. Another possibility is that the payment from us to you has not yet been made. There needs to be a minimum of £15 in ‘Confirmed’ donations before we will transfer funds.  If your cause hasn’t reached this by the end of a quarter, the total simply rolls over to the following quarter. 

What does ‘clicking out’ mean?

Clicking out is what we call it when a user selects a retailer from this list and heads to their website from GoRaise. You must click out from our site, or have the donation reminder installed, in order to collect payments for your cause when you buy online.