1. FAQ – Individuals

FAQ – Individuals

Any Questions?

We’ve collected all the top questions we have received and answered them here. If you can’t find your answer, then give us a call on 07769867057 or fill out our contact form and we will get right back to you.

Is there any cost to me or the cause?

Not a penny! You shop the way you usually would, and the retailer donates either a set amount per transaction, or a percentage of your spend, to the cause of your choice.

Why do the retailers make a donation?

Well, there’s a few reasons: It’s a way of thanking you for your custom. The retailer wants to do their bit to help good causes. It attracts customers to their online store.

Sounds too good to be true – is there a catch?

No catch. You spend online like you normally would, and the retailer donates a set amount, or a percentage of what you spend, to a cause of your choice. It’s as simple as that. Sadly many great causes are unaware of the millions of pounds in retailer donations available every year.

How much of the donation does GoRaise take?

We don’t take a penny of the amount displayed. The donation rate you see is the exact amount your cause will receive. For clarity, we are a commercial organisation, and we receive an additional payment from the retailer entirely separate to the donation made to your cause.

Which causes can I support?

You can support any cause you wish, from local groups to huge international charities. Your cause may already be registered, but if it isn’t just add it today and get raising. GoRaise helps charities, sports clubs, foundations, PTAs, community groups, churches, youth groups and many more causes to raise funds easily, all year round.

How does the retailer know who to pay?

Each time you click out from GoRaise to your chosen retailer, our site keeps track of which cause you support. When you then make a purchase the retailer will send the donation on to us, and we will then direct the amount donated, in full, to your chosen cause. You’ll also receive a message to say thanks for doing your bit to help.

Can anyone see what I'm buying?

Nope. Only the retailer can see your purchases, so shop for Christmas presents safe in the knowledge that your purchases will stay between you, the store, and the man in red with the big white beard.

How much money can I raise?

The sky’s the limit. The donation from your retailer is either a set amount per transaction, or based on a percentage of your spend, so when you book a holiday or buy a new fridge the amount you raise will be larger. Of course, all the smaller purchases quickly add up, so make sure to download our donation reminder for your browser and never miss a chance to support the causes you care about.

Can I speak to a real person?

Always. (Well, between 9am and 5pm anyway!) Please call us on 07769867057 or use our Live Chat feature (Just click the blue circle in the bottom right of your screen) and we will be happy to talk. Otherwise you can leave us a message or use our contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

How does my cause receive payment?

We collect your donation from the retailer and we pass on every single penny to your chosen cause. The value you see as a retailer’s donation rate is exactly what your cause will receive. For clarity, we are a commercial organisation, and we receive an additional payment from the retailer entirely separate to the donation made to your cause.

Do you have my favourite retailer?

Probably! There are over 3,000 retailers who are a part of GoRaise. You can see them all in the retailer list here. If the retailer you want isn’t there, please do let us know and we can certainly try to get them on board so you can raise a donation next time you shop online with them.

What does ‘clicking out’ mean?

Clicking out is what we call it when you select a retailer from this list and head to their website from ours. You must click out from our site, or have the donation reminder installed, in order to collect payments for your cause when you buy online.