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We know you will love using GoRaise, however, from time to time you will forget to visit GoRaise before buying things online.  Fear not, we’ve built some great tools to make sure this doesn’t happen!

Donation Reminders

The easiest way to make donations using GoRaise is to install the GoRaise donation reminder.

This is a handy widget that reminds you to activate the donation every time you land on a partner retailer website.

When you’re logged in, click on the ‘Ways to Raise’ link at the top of your page


Once you click on ‘Ways to Raise’, select ‘Donation Reminder’ from the drop down menu.



You will then see the following page:



There are different installation processes for Chrome and Firefox.  I’ll explain below how each works.

Microsoft Edge and Safari users

Please note that the donation reminder is not available for Microsoft Edge and Safari users. We advise downloading Chrome to make sure you never miss a donation again!


Click on the ‘Get the Donation Reminder’ button

When you visit the page you will see the following box pop up


Just click ‘Add Extension’ when you see the message to install the GoRaise Donation Reminder. The page will load for a couple of seconds and if you see this image don’t worry, it’s just loading.

screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-11-48-05Next time you shop online, you will see the donation reminder and you will be making money for your cause with every penny you spend!




If you click on ‘Get Donation Reminder’ you will be prompted to install the reminder and see the following message


In the newly opened tab, click the green ‘Add to Firefox’ button.


Click the ‘Install’ button to confirm installation


Now all you need to do is click the GoRaise button to access your account info, and look out for donation reminder whenever you land on a partner retailer website.

Bookmark GoRaise

If you decide not to install the GoRaise donation reminder, then you may want to bookmark the GoRaise site so that you can easily find it in the future.

To do this using chrome simply type in the GoRaise website: www.goraise.co.uk and you will see the following on your web browser


On your web browser you will see an option to bookmark the page by clicking on the star


Just click this star and you will be given the option to bookmark your page


Just click ‘Done’ and you will see the GoRaise page is now bookmarked for you to easily find in the future


GoRaise on mobile and tablets

If you like to shop online using your iphone or ipad, then saving GoRaise to your home screen could also help you.

On your device just login to www.goraise.co.uk and open the page. Once the page is opened, scroll up from your iphone and you will have an option to ‘Add to Home Screen’


Alternatively, you can click on the square in the top right of your screen that has an arrow coming out of it


Once you click on the icon, you’ll have the option to ‘Add to Home Screen’


And once you’ve clicked ‘Add to Home Screen’ you’ll then be prompted to complete this by pressing ‘Add’


Once you have clicked ‘Add’ you will then be able to see a link to the GoRaise site beside your other apps on your Home Screen


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