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Next Steps – Causes

Now you have added your cause on GoRaise, you may be wondering what do to next? Don’t worry, follow the next steps and you will be raising money straight away

If you’ve not yet registered your cause with GoRaise, Just click here and pop in a few details

Complete your Cause profile

When you now login to GoRaise, you will see a page like this one:



Click on your name in the top right, and select your cause name from the drop down menu to reveal your cause dashboard.



Select ‘Edit your page’ in the left hand menu or ‘Edit Page’ amongst the headers.  From here you can edit the look and feel of your cause page.

You can see your page website address and simply click on ‘Visit Page’ to see what it looks like (this is the page you will be sharing with the world!).

Add images and a description

To get as many supporters on board, make sure you add a nice description of what you do, and also add a logo and background picture.

You can change all of these things via the ‘Edit your page’ section.

Spreading the word

Now it’s time to bang the GoRaise drum for your cause.  The more supporters you get on board, the more money your cause will make.

We’ve created a whole section here about how to get more supporters on board. This includes example social posts, website copy and email templates.

Click here to find out more about getting supporters on board (You need to be logged in before clicking on that link).

Your cause web address

For administrators – Click on your name in the top right of your page. Then click on ‘Your Cause Account’ from the drop down menu.  Once in your admin dashboard, click ‘Edit page’ in the headers section to see your fundraising page link. This is the link you need to share with the world!


Raising your first donation

As well as setting up your cause, you’ve now also been set up as a supporter of your cause.  You can see your personal account by clicking on your name in the top right of the screen (when logged in), and selecting ‘Your Account‘.

Just a quick refresher on how it all works. Retailers donate to your chosen cause every time you shop online!  The process is simple:

  1. Search on GoRaise.co.uk for a product or retailer
  2. Click out to the retailer website and shop as normal
  3. If you buy something (at no extra cost to you), the retailer pays a donation to your cause.

As well as setting up your cause, you’ve now also been set up as a supporter of your cause.

Search for a retailer

There are thousands of retailers to choose from. You can search for a product or if you know the retailer you want to shop with, just type their name into the search box. For this example, I am searching for ‘Currys’.


Just click ‘Go’ and you will see all the retailers that match your search.



Shop as normal

When you’ve clicked on the pink arrow, you’ll be faced with a pop up window.  Simply click the ‘I understand, Go Shopping’ button and you will go straight to the retailer’s website.  

You will briefly see a loading screen as you are taken to the retailer’s site.



You will then arrive at the retailer’s site and shop online as normal. The prices are all exactly the same, but now you’ll get a nice email confirming that you’ve raised a donation for your cause.

Shop as normal

You buy the same products at the same price.  The only cost is to the retailer!


Donation history

You can see all of your donations and clicks in your ‘My Activity‘ area.

If for any reason you feel you’re missing a donation, just get in touch and we will investigate your enquiry.

Install Donation Reminder

We understand that when you are shopping online you may forget to log into the GoRaise site. By installing the donation reminder, you will be alerted before you buy anything to activate the donation and so no need to login to the site!

To install the reminder please go to GoRaise Donation Reminder

Next time you visit a GoRaise partner retailer, you’ll see a message like the one below, asking you to activate the donation link.  It means you’ll never miss out on a donation again.


Available on Chrome and Firefox

The Donation Reminder is available for Chrome and Firefox (Microsoft Edge and Safari on it’s way!).

Get in touch and say hello

We understand that you will have lots of questions when you first start using GoRaise and we want to support you as much as we can. We have a live chat function on the site which is available during office hours Monday-Friday.

On the bottom right-hand side of the screen you will see a blue circle with a white box inside.



Just click on the circle and you will be able to start a new conversation with us.

The GoRaise customer support team will get back to you instantly during office hours, however if you get in touch outside office hours, it will take us a bit longer to get back to you.

If you want to login to your GoRaise account to get started just go to GoRaise

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