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Tiger Mountain Tharu Fund

Charity number: 1105656

Tiger Paws

Charity number: 1151104

Shropshire Wildlife Trust

Charity number: 212744

Tiggywinkles: The Wildlife Hospital Trust

Specialising in hedgehogs, Tiggywinkles, the Wildlife Hospital Trust, has been working for over 30 years rescuing, treating and rehabilitating ALL sick, injured and orphaned British wildlife. Without large reserves and no Government or Lottery funding,...

Charity number: 286447

Tigh A'Chomainn Camphill

Charity number: SC003220

The Wildlife Aid Foundation

Wildlife Aid cares for sick, injured and orphaned British wildlife - NO WILD CREATURE IN NEED IS EVER TURNED AWAY. Our aim is to restore patients to full health and independence in our hospital and...

Charity number: 1138944

Africa Conservation Fund (UK)

Africa Conservation Fund (UK) promotes the conservation, protection and improvement of the wildlife parks and reserves and protected conservation areas of Africa.

Charity number: 1111806

Rhino Ark (UK)

Charity number: 1047083

The Wildlife In Peril Emergency Fund

Charity number: 1115422

Wolves and Humans Foundation

Charity number: 1111289

The Bearsted Woodland Charitable Trust

Charity number: 1103585

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation

Charity number: 1152642


Charity number: 1155186

Scottish Seabird Centre

Charity number: SC025837

Scottish Society for Northern Studies

Charity number: SC010647

World Animal Protection

We are World Animal Protection Our vision is a world where animal welfare matters and animal cruelty has ended. Animals in the Wild We take action to stop wild animals suffering – wherever that suffering...

Charity number: 1081849

Zoological Society of London, The

By including a gift to ZSL in your Will you will be making a lasting contribution to the conservation of animals and their habitats. Legacies help to support all of ZSL’s work including our international...

Charity number: 208728

Zoom Cymru Ltd

Charity number: 1124697

Chester Zoo (North of England Zoological Society)

Chester Zoo promotes species conservation and protection by caring for its animals and protecting and breeds rare and endangered animals. It also raises awareness of the issues facing wildlife and educates the public.

Charity number: 306077

Scottish Wildlife Trust (SWT)

The Scottish Wildlife Trust is a leading wildlife conservation organisation, concerned with all of Scotland’s wildlife and its natural environment. Founded in 1964, the Scottish Wildlife Trust is an independent charity with the responsibility for...

Charity number: SC005792

Soysambu Conservancy (UK) Ltd

Charity number: 1156139

Somerset Wildlife Trust

Charity number: 238372

Rare Breeds Survival Trust

RBST is the leading national charity dedicated to the conservation of the UK's native breeds of farm livestock, some of which are very rare. These breeds are important because they represent a living part of...

Charity number: 269442

Rare Species Conservation Trust

Charity number: 1119230

Space For Giants

Charity number: 1159227

Seaton Visitor Centre Trust

Charity number: 1120202

Seaton Working Men's Institute

Charity number: 520371

Teifi Rivers Trust

Charity number: 1123876

Sebakwe Black Rhino Trust

The Sebakwe Black Rhino Trust was formed in 1989 to help save the black rhino in Africa. The Trust supports the Midlands Black Rhino Trust which has a wildlife Conservancy in Zimbabwe where the rhino...

Charity number: 328461

Colchester Zoo Action For The Wild

Charity number: 1105621

Save Our Seals Fund (SOSF)

Charity number: SC025489

Born To Be Beautiful

Charity number: 1144946

Restore UK

Charity number: 1133251

British Deer Society

The British Deer Society, a registered charity, was founded in 1963 to protect the welfare of the six species of wild deer within the United Kingdom. The Society promotes general awareness through a programme of...

Charity number: 1069663, SC037817

British Divers Marine Life Rescue

Charity number: 803438, SC039304

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