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City of Edinburgh Guides

Charity number: SC013171

Seamen's Hospital Society

Charity number: 231724

Romsey Sea Cadets

We are Romsey Sea Cadets and are part of the UK's oldest nautical youth charity. As a Sea Cadet you can learn many boating qualifications, do adventure training, plus get extra skills to give you a great head start...

Charity number: 289206

Combat Stress

Combat Stress is the UK's leading Veterans' mental health charity supporting over 5,400 Veterans aged from 19 to 101.Founded in May 1919, just after the First World War and initially named the Ex-Servicemen's Welfare Society,...

Charity number: 206002, SC038828

Royal Marines Association

Charity number: 206003

Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund

The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund is the official Royal Marines charity and is here to provide a shoulder for life to serving and retired Royal Marines and their families. Money raised can be used for very...

Charity number: 1134205

Royal Marines Historical Society

Charity number: 274285

Royal Merchant Navy School Foundation

The Foundation, founded in 1827 as the Merchant Seamen's Orphan Asylum, has, for over 170 years, been dedicated to providing the most appropriate education to meet the individual needs of orphans of British merchant seamen....

Charity number: 309047

Dora Louisa Linton Bequest

Charity number: 227456

Royal Alfred Seafarers' Society

Charity number: 209776

Chiswick Unit Of The Sea Cadet Corps

Charity number: 1069577

Abingdon Unit Of The Sea Cadet Corps

Charity number: 1041610

Combating Obesity Ltd

Charity number: 1117132

Combating Poverty Through Education

Charity number: 1143658

Combe Bank Foundation

Charity number: 1037029

The Dare To Live Trust

Charity number: 1157442

Combe Bank Parents' Association

Charity number: 274912

Combe Bank School Educational Trust

Charity number: 1007871

Combe Down Heritage Society

Charity number: 1116550

Bedford Womens Institute

Charity number: 1035215

Sailors' Society

The Sailors’ Society provides a personal lifeline for merchant seafarers on board ship and when they step ashore in ports. Founded in 1818, the Sailors’ Society is an international not-for-profit Christian Society associated with all...

Charity number: 237778

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