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Unite The Union Benevolent Fund

Charity number: 228567

Unite To Help

Charity number: 1117235

Charities Aid Foundation

We are a charity dedicated to getting the best for other charities and their donors. For over 80 years, we have found the most effective and efficient ways to connect donors to the causes that...

Charity number: 268369

Stock Exchange Benevolent Fund

Charity number: 245430

Royal Anthropological Institute

Charity number: 246269

The Stock Exchange Rifle Club

Charity number: 279011

British Computer Society

British Computer Society promotes the study and practice of computer use and educates the public on how to make the most of the opportunities computers offer.

Charity number: 292786

Royal Tank Regiment Benevolent Fund

Charity number: 248487

The Stock Exchange Veterans

Charity number: 211309

Centre for Economic Policy Research

Charity number: 287287

Sir Malcolm Stewart Bart General Charitable Trust

Sir Malcolm Stewart Bart General Charitable Trust creates homes on freehold land in Stewartby for people connected with the London Brick Company.

Charity number: 227785

Sir Mark Baring Foundation

Charity number: 276156

Sir Mark Milbank's Charity

Charity number: 249593

British Dental Association Benevolent Fund

The BDA Benevolent Fund exists and endeavours to assist and care for dentists and those who depend on them when they fall into difficult circumstances. The support they provide varies according to the individuals’ needs,...

Charity number: 208146

British Dental Association Trust Fund

Charity number: 313407

Coventry Freemen's Charity

Coventry Freemen's Charity provides financial support to Freemen and their dependants.

Charity number: 229237

The Sainsbury Veterans Welfare Scheme

The object of the charity is to relieve need amongst Sainsbury Veterans and former Sainsbury employees. Assistance is provided through the provision of physical aids, respite care and convalesence care. In the year 49 grants...

Charity number: 1125046

Coventry Gang Show Limited

Charity number: 1071594

Coventry Godiva Charitable Trust Fund

Charity number: 1071043

Aged Miners Homes Association

Charity number: 221487

William Hill Saunders Fund

Charity number: 214198

Retail Trust

Charity number: 1090136, SC039684

Barristers' Benevolent Association

Charity number: 1106768

Barristers Clerks Benevolent Fund

Charity number: 1084609

Royal College of Anaesthetists

The work of the anaesthetist falls into 3 categories: Anaesthesia, Pain Relief and Intensive Care. ANAESTHESIA: As well as administering anaesthetics for surgery, they act as the patient's personal physician ensuring fitness for their surgery.

Charity number: 1013887

Charity Finance Group

Charity number: 1054914

C F Lunoe Trust Fund

Charity number: 214850

Royal College of Pathologists

The College was founded in 1962 to advance the science and practice of pathology.

Charity number: 261035

Royal College of Physicians

Royal College of Physicians sets the standards and controls the quality of medical practice in hospitals in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Charity number: 210508

Yorkshire Agricultural Society

The Society aims to promote and improve agriculture, horticulture and allied industries in Yorkshire and the northern counties. In so doing it seeks to advance and encourage agricultural education and research and the protection and...

Charity number: 513238

The Ace Centre Advisory Trust

Charity number: 1040868

Society of Petroleum Engineers Europe Limited

Society of Petroleum Engineers Europe promotes the science and technology of petroleum and natural gas exploration and recovery.

Charity number: 1017482

Society of Ploughmen Ltd

Charity number: 1062780

Clandown Miners' Welfare Institute

Charity number: 219093

City Livery Club Benevolent Fund

Charity number: 212532

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