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UFI Charitable Trust

UFI's objectives include improving education, promoting commerce, and supporting other charitable purposes as the Secretary of State for Education and Employment shall from time to time designate.

Charity number: 1081028


Charity number: 1114591

South Wales Area Quaker Meeting

Charity number: 1134539

C Through Cancer Appeal

The C Through Cancer Appeal was set up with the objective of raising funds for research into imaging developments to help radiology and oncology professionals in the UK diagnose and provide more effective care for...

Charity number: 211540

Wickesaid Limited

Charity number: 1067975

Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Central Charitable Trust

Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Central Charitable Trust helps to support the efficiency of REME and it supports members of ex-members in need.

Charity number: 296030

Royal Engineers Association

To foster esprit de corps and a spirit of comradeship amongst all members of the Corps of Royal Engineers.

Charity number: 258322

The Vickers Staff Charitable Fund

Charity number: 512770

College of Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapists help people of all ages with mental and physical disabilities live more independently.

Charity number: 275119

SBA The Solicitors’ Charity

The SBA is currently helping nearly 400 solicitors or their dependents in serious need, paying out over £1 million annually in grants and loans. Increasingly the applicants are young, often prevented from working by the...

Charity number: 1124512

Workers' Educational Association

The WEA is the UK’s largest charitable provider of adult education, delivering 9,500 part-time courses for over 78,000 people each year in England and Scotland. Through education, the WEA brings teaching and people together to...

Charity number: 1112775

Trinity House

Trinity House supports mariners past and present and their dependants. It also provides education in seamanship.

Charity number: 211869

Stockton's Learning Towns

Charity number: 1080468

Cavendish After-School Care Scheme

Charity number: 1003016

The Batterson-Chivers Foundation

Charity number: 219312

The Battishorne Trust

Charity number: 1048821

Whitehall and Industry Group, The

Charity number: 1061584

Sir David Evans-Bevan Bursary

Charity number: 516609

Royal Signals Association

Financial assistance for serving and ex-members of the corps.

Charity number: 284923


Charity number: 283231

T E Dickinson Staff Benevolent Fund

Charity number: 231824

The Bishop Trust

Charity number: 234930

The Spear Charitable Trust

Charity number: 1041568

The Bishop Wood School Association

Charity number: 1042238

Warwick Schools Foundation Trust

Charity number: 528775

Warwick Students' Union

Charity number: 1136894

Chemical Engineers Benevolent Fund

Charity number: 221601

Rowland Morgan

Charity number: 214932

Staveley Miners Welfare Centre

Charity number: 520522

Barham Benevolent Foundation

Charity number: 249922

Cinema & Television Benevolent Fund (CTBF)

The CTBF is the main charity supporting people involved in all behind the scenes activities in commercial TV, film and cinema from on-set staff to those involved in administrative duties. The fund helps all who...

Charity number: 1099660

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