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Cgd Europe

Charity number: 1157318

The Silver Charitable Foundation

Charity number: 1155058

Wychwood School For Girls

Charity number: 309684

Wild Camel Protection Foundation, The

Charity number: 1068706

Stokesley River Leven Group

Charity number: 1117713

Wild Equid Protection Trust

Charity number: 1122460

Stokesley School Fund

Charity number: 1046610

The Yves Guihannec Foundation

Charity number: 1013159

African Space Trust

Charity number: 1142524

Village Aid

Charity number: 1067322

Wild Frontiers Foundation

Charity number: 1141795

Wild Futures (formerly The Monkey Sanctuary Trust)

Wild Futures is a UK registered charity founded upon five decades of experience as a leader in the field of primate welfare and conservation, environmental education, and sustainable practice. Wild Futures is committed to protecting...

Charity number: 1102532

The Yvonne Muntz Charitable Trust

Charity number: 1103905

Wetland Trust

Wetland Trust promotes and conserves natural bio systems by creating and restoring the habitats of existing and rare species of plants, insects, birds and mammals local to the Pannel Valley. It then displays them for...

Charity number: 296531

West Kent Badger Group

Charity number: 1123499

The Wren Conservation Group

Charity number: 275451

Yvette Gate Bone Marrow Campaign

Charity number: 1117410

Royal Welsh Agricultural Society Ltd

To promote agriculture, horticulture, forestry and conservation in Wales.

Charity number: 251232

The Sheffield General Cemetery Trust

Charity number: 1103158

Yvj International

Charity number: 1126659

Disabled Equipment Sent Overseas

Charity number: 1140030

Disabled Holiday Information

Charity number: 1119972

Centre For Independent Living - Belfast

Charity number: SC025702

The Vassar-Smith Fund

Charity number: 236381

The Warehouse Trust

Charity number: 1120851


Charity number: 1077624

The Vassie Charitable Trust

Charity number: 1077368

Cambridge Carbon Footprint

CCF helps people work together creatively to make real reductions in their CO2 emissions. We aim to: Promote public engagement with the problem of climate change Help people make substantial reductions in carbon emissions Approach...

Charity number: 1127376

Terling School Pta

Every year the PTA undertakes various fundraising activities that directly benefit the pupils. Through the support of the families and friends of the school, the PTA can make a real contribution to school life.

Charity number: 1018951

Tools for Self Reliance Cymru

TOOLS FOR SELF RELIANCE groups collect old and unwanted hand tools and sewing machines from all over the UK. We clean, repair and sharpen them, and send tool kits and sewing machines to grass roots...

Charity number: 1055483

The Vastern Lodge Benevolent Fund

Charity number: 284411

The Woolhope Dome Environmental Trust

Charity number: 1127959

Action For Sustainable Living Limited

Charity number: 1114055

Changing Lives Worldwide

Charity number: 1128433

Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust

Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust promotes research to advance scientific knowledge, education and science.

Charity number: 306622

The Bulmer Foundation

Charity number: 1093558

The Caribsave Partnership

Charity number: 1138324

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