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Rj And Ah Daniels Charitable Trust

Charity number: 1050703

Spiritual Healing Association Worldwide

Charity number: 1127571

Corona Worldwide

Charity number: 204802

Window On The World

Charity number: 1048774

Rj Mitchell School Pta

Charity number: 1097292

Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide

2 billion people worldwide lack access to life-saving surgery and anaesthesia. Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide (SAWW) works to provide anaesthesia to those in need in poor areas of the world. In many developing countries there is...

Charity number: 1148254

United Talmudical Associates

United Talmudical Associates promotes Orthodox Judaism and charitable work that supports its community and values.

Charity number: 291834

The Action Group Against Poverty

Charity number: 1120614

Aid International / Mercy Corps Scotland

Aid International is a charity specialising in humanitarian relief and development. Last year the charity's development programmes helped people in ten countries to rebuild their lives after war, natural disaster of economic collapse.

Charity number: SC030289

Vision International Initiatives

Charity number: 1143566

Camfed International

Camfed International assists in the education of girls and women in the less developed world.

Charity number: 1029161

Yarl Vision

Charity number: 1143923

Shell Foundation

The Shell Foundation protects and preserves the environment and public health. It also works to improve education and relieve poverty, suffering, hardship and distress.

Charity number: 1080999

Shelley Charitable Trust

Charity number: 1147858

Ummah Global Relief Limited

Charity number: 1143039

Rizq Worldwide

Charity number: 1152561

Rescue and Preparedness in Disasters UK

Charity number: 1058653

Cogito Scholarship Foundation

Charity number: 1154618

Rescue Global

Charity number: 1148367

Cognitive Research Trust Limited

Charity number: 257503

Thare Machi Ltd

In the poorest communities around the world, women and children die because no one has told them how to stay healthy.  Life-saving information passes them by because they cannot read. Often they speak a language...

Charity number: 1080131

Cicely Haughton Pupil Fund

Charity number: 1040145

Cogs Prepares 4 Life Cio

Charity number: 1154296

Cicely Northcote Trust

Charity number: 218231


Charity number: 1056562

The Barnes Livingstone Education Trust

Charity number: 1080133

Coif Charities Investment Fund

Charity number: 218873

Coif Charities Property Fund

Charity number: 1093084

British American Security Information Council (BASIC)

OUR VISION: A world free from the threat of nuclear weapons, established by a cooperative global security agenda and formalized in negotiated treaties. THE PROBLEM:Nuclear weapons pose a continuing threat to international peace and security, through brinkmanship, miscalculation, theft...

Charity number: 1001081

COIF Charity Funds

Charity number: 218873, 803610, 1046

Vodafone Foundation

The Vodafone Foundation invests in the communities in which Vodafone operates and is at the centre of a network of Vodafone's global and local social investment programmes.

Charity number: 1089625

Cruwys Global Trust

Charity number: 1115220

Depaul International

Depaul works to end poverty, homelessness and financial hardship.

Charity number: 1107385

Zoe Sarojini Education Trust

Charity number: 1135609

The Third World Community Trust

Charity number: 1124983

The Third World Development Fund

Charity number: 285437

Airshaft Trust

Charity number: 1050133

Vanishing Worlds Foundation

Charity number: 1137925

Rocky Limited

Charity number: 1111781

Caf Global Trustees

Charity number: 1111039

Adventure Learning Schools

Charity number: 1134000

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