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Relief International UK

Relief International UK is an emergency relief, rehabilitation and development agency providing timely and effcient services and material resources to assist victims of natural and man-made disasters world-wide.

Charity number: 1098106


Charity number: 1139868

Tsunami Rehabilitation

Charity number: 1110238

Tsunami Support (UK)

Charity number: 1121935

Taqwah Mosque Trust Limited

Charity number: 1154764

Tar Isteach

Charity number: XR3650

World Vision UK

World Vision UK aims to eradicate poverty among the sick, the aged, the homeless and the needy across the world. We provide child sponsorship programmes to help young people out of poverty and we also...

Charity number: 285908

Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC)

DEC supports UK charities in their task of alleviating acute human suffering amongst those least able to withstand the effects of a major overseas disaster.

Charity number: 1062638

The Claypool Trust

Charity number: 1139703

Aid Mission

Charity number: 1153455

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Charity number: 1114915

The Acts Group International

Charity number: 1116870

Al- Kawthar Welfare Foundation

Charity number: 1107958

Ummah International Trust

Charity number: 1124074

ShelterBox Trust

ShelterBox provides emergency aid and relief to communities hit by disasters across the world.

Charity number: 1096479


Charity number: 265427

WOMA World of Music and Arts Assist

Charity number: 1111041

Wall Rebuilders

Charity number: 1134336

Woolwich Community Church

Charity number: 1157291

Crystal Clear Klin-Water Foundation

About Us We are a UK based charity organisation focusing on the vital need for the supply of safe water, improved sanitation and health care facilities in Sierra Leone/Africa. We are supporting and rehabilitating young, disowned and...

Charity number: 1140371

Doctors Worldwide Ltd

Charity number: 1122671


The trust supports general charitable purposes.

Charity number: 1116657

Dodderhill School

Charity number: 527599

The Beck Charitable Trust

Charity number: 1079021

Camberley Care Trust

Charity number: 298419

David Joels Charitable Trust

Charity number: 1114089

David John Cohen Charitable Trust

Charity number: 264318

Reach - Out Vision International Relief

Charity number: 1109454

Dart International Uk

Charity number: 1157168

The Tew Trust

Charity number: 1076528

Abbay Charitable Trust

Charity number: 1087035

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